10 Amazing Hot Thai Chilli Sauce Recipes

Hot Thai chili sauce recipes are a fantastic way to enjoy spicy food, they come in so many different variants and can be paired with many different types of meat, vegetables, and chips to enjoy a sauce with a spicy kick to fire up your sauce palette!

And wouldn’t it be amazing to make the sauce yourself instead of purchasing what everyone else has? There are only a certain amount of variants available on the market for hot Thai chili sauces and making your own gives you the creative freedom to go nuts and add in your favorite seasonings, spices, and flavors.

So check out our 10 most amazing hot Thai chili sauce recipes and enjoy the best ones available to you.

10 Amazing Hot Thai Chilli Sauce Recipes

How To Make Homemade Thai-Inspired Sweet Chilli Sauce, Recipe

We just loved this homemade Thai-inspired sweet chili sauce recipe as we understand not everyone is a lover of spices all the time.

Sometimes sauces can be overbearing and you need something more mellow and gentle on the tongue, with the usual exciting flavors still incorporated into the sauce. This recipe includes using ginger, garlic cloves, fresh chilies, limes, rice vinegar, white sugar, and fish sauce to make the tastiest Thai chili sauce.

Also, there are countless known benefits to using ingredients such as ginger and limes in recipes, ginger has been proven to aid in overall gut and body health as it’s a natural remedy and it’s often ground into powders and mixed in teas to promote overall health.

Homemade Hot Chili Sauce Recipe – All Recipes UK

Who doesn’t love a classically made hot Thai chili sauce that reminds you of your parents cooking and recipes when you were a child.

Sometimes homemade and classic just can’t be beaten against fancy recipes out there, try out this homemade hot chili sauce recipe that uses tinned tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and garlic to make a traditional sauce that the whole family can enjoy and reminisce on.

Be sure to chargrill the jalapenos for an extra added smokey essence to your chili sauce and use some of the jalapeno seeds to achieve the ultimate spice and smokey combination.

Chilli Dipping Sauce | Thai Sauces And Pastes | Riverside Thai Cooking

Try out this traditional dipping sauce to pair with any Thai seafood dishes out there, or for an added bit of excitement to any evening around the campfire or movie night with assorted chips.

This sauce makes for an amazing chip or nacho dip as well as being diverse enough to be paired with many classic dishes, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience it for yourself and enjoy everything this sauce has to offer.

Your friends will go crazy for its exotic and smokey flavors as well as your talent for making it from scratch.

Recipe Thai Chili Sauce, ‘Nam Prik Kiga’

We’ve got a Thai chili sauce with an added bit of spice to the cooking palette for our next pick, ‘Nam Prik Kiga’ is a traditional and authentic sauce that pairs perfectly with seafood dishes.

This sauce has an extra special ingredient of not just coriander to change up the spices, but also the root of the plant chopped up to add to the overall textures you’ll experience from this sauce recipe.

It really is like no other recipe and it can be beautifully presented in any bowl you have available because of the thickness of the sauce. It looks amazing and tastes even more so when paired with nachos too!

Thai Fishcakes With Chilli Dipping Sauce | Scottish Mum

The great thing about Thai chili sauce recipes is that they can be made as an added extra condiment for your usual cooking nights, or as the main dish with assorted fish cakes, seafood platters, and vegetables.

It can be the center of attention and the center of the table for the evening and you’ll be impressing whoever you invite over with your cooking skills to whip up this sauce from scratch in record time. We recommend trying it out with fish cakes or rice cakes for an added flavor explosion! 

How To Make Chinese Chilli Oil (Aka Chinese Chilli Crisp)

Hot chili sauces can be enjoyed as dips, condiments, dipping oils, or as the sauce over the main dish of your choice. They’re incredibly versatile and diverse to suit most recipes as no one can truly experience enough spice on their plate, can they?

Sauces like these can easily be used as ingredients in dishes too to add to the flavorings and seafood experience, it doesn’t just have to be the side condiment. Soups benefit from exciting sauces like chili oils too as the more herbs and spices added in, the more rewarding the meal experience can be. 

Pineapple Chilli Jam (Relish) – Farmersgirl Kitchen

So, we all know how versatile chili sauces can be right? Well, as much as you can spice up any chili sauce to the ends of the earth, you can sweeten them up too.

Not every chili sauce you make has to be the spiciest thing on the planet, they can be enjoyed as more sweet condiments on occasion. And if you’re not a huge lover of spice but want to experience the chili sauce flavors, this recipe might just be the perfect recipe for you.

The pineapple adds a burst of sweet flavors to the chili sauce and compliments it rather well at the same time. 

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce – Cookidoo® – the official Thermomix® recipe platform

There’s nothing more classic than this Thai sweet chili sauce recipe that includes the use of garlic cloves, sweet chilis, sugar, white wine vinegar, and sea salt. It’s been kept simple so you can enjoy a sauce without the fuss!

Sometimes recipes can be overwhelming because of all the added ingredients, however, with this recipe, it’s kept simple so you have the option to add in your own spice choices if you wish to do so. 

Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe | BBC Good Food

We just love presentation care and this recipe is up there in our top well-presented food favorites! The sauce has not only been beautifully made but with making chili sauces, comes the creative freedom to display them however you please.

If you’ve been given the task to make a chili sauce for the evening meal with your partner, or to bring an exciting sauce condiment to a dinner party, why not go all out and present it in mason jars or specially labeled jars of your choice? They make for amazing condiments and the jars will knock your guest’s socks off in a heartbeat!

Red Chilli Paste Recipe And Video (Homemade Chilli Paste)

Our last pick of the day is this thick red chili paste recipe that just looks divine! It’s a staple in most southeast Asian kitchens and can be used as a condiment, a marinade, or a classic ingredient to add to other dishes.

You can experience this traditional and authentic sauce for yourself with this recipe and you can share it with your loved ones to spice up their palettes!

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