10 Amazing Spicy Fusilli Recipes

Pasta is such a versatile ingredient that you can combine with pretty much endless combinations of sauces, meats and vegetables.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the swirly past shape known as fusilli and some of the gorgeously spicy sauces you can combine with it.

Be careful your mouth isn’t watering too much while reading these!

10 Amazing Spicy Fusilli Recipes

Vegan Anj’s Spicy Fusilli Vegan Remix

Pasta dishes in general are great for vegan cooks, with plenty of delicious meat-free options out there. This particular recipe is based on Jon and Vinny’s famous spicy fusilli.

It calls for the use of coconut and almond milk to provide a creamy texture to the sauce, which clings to each piece of pasta brilliantly.

The rest of the ingredients fit perfectly into the Italian theme of the recipe, utilizing garlic, shallot and basil to provide even more flavor. They even recommend using a couple of tablespoons of vodka and some red pepper flakes to provide some extra kick to the dish.

XO And So’s Smoky & Spicy Vodka Sauce For Pasta

This is another meat free fusilli recipe that makes good use of vodka and other spicy ingredients to release the flavor of the sauce.

It follows pretty much the same process as the previous recipe we looked at but substitutes the dairy-free milk alternatives for heavy cream or whipping cream. This addition makes the sauce richer than you could ever have imagined and definitely won’t require a huge portion to fill you up!

Fusilli is the perfect pasta for this sauce because it holds onto it perfectly, leaving no single piece of pasta unflavored.

Allrecipes’ Spicy Pasta

This super simple recipe won’t take up too much of your time or your budget with an easy step-by-step process and some cheap ingredients.

It’s a pretty traditional Italian recipe that uses some authentic Italian herb seasoning and basic ingredients like garlic and onion to make a robust sauce.

However, it still gives plenty of kick with the addition of hot pepper sauce, which you can add in whatever quantity you think you can handle!

Filippo Berio’s Spicy Tuna Fusilli

This famous olive oil brand knows a thing or two when it comes to making pasta dishes. This one is the first on our list that contains any meat or fish so vegetarians should steer clear.

The tuna in this recipe provides a mellow backdrop to the zingy, fiery ingredients that accompany it.

Lemon zest, tomato sauce and chilli flakes are great for providing some spice and flair to the dish and for something that looks so simple at first glance, you won’t believe how good it tastes!

Asda’s Spicy Seafood Fusilli

Another seafood based recipe, this one kicks things up a notch with some more complex cooking methods and plenty of ingredients to make for a deeply flavorful dish.

The anchovies and king prawns this recipe uses work so well with crespo capers and black olives, making the whole affair taste amazing if you love these unique flavors. However, because it’s so heavy on the fish flavors, some diners might not always find it to their liking.

However, the addition of sweet chilli sauce and dried chilli flakes makes this recipe a dream for spicy seafood lovers!

Jamie Oliver’s Spicy Sausage Fusilli

Renowned British chef, Jamie Oliver is one of the best in the world for creating healthy, delicious dishes. This fusilli recipe is certainly no exception.

The key to this recipe is in the sausages. You’ll want to find some high quality Italian sausage, potentially from your local butcher if possible. However, failing that, any standard sausages you can find will do the trick just fine.

The white wine, lemon and parsley make the sauce fele fresh and light, whilst the dried red chillies and fennel seeds give a little kick to the whole dish.

Bon Appetit’s Fusilli Alla Vodka With Basil And Parmesan

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about Gigi Hadid’s famous vodka pasta sauce before and it’s provided an inspiration for many of the recipes on our list.

The vodka works really well to open up the other flavors in the sauce, like the tomatoes, and adds some intensity to the whole dish.

Adding red pepper flakes and plenty of grated parmesan to this dish is basically cheating as they’re guaranteed ingredients to make any dish excell!

Broccyourbody’s Spicy Fusilli Pasta

Another Jon and Vinny inspired recipe, this one incorporates aspects of the Hadid vodka sauce and creates a heavenly sauce to accompany your fusilli pasta.

Whilst it calls for pretty much the same set of ingredients we’ve seen in plenty of other recipes, it also specifies that you can substitute the red pepper flakes for your favorite hot sauce too.

You can easily mix this recipe up any way you like, but make sure you stick to the core ingredients for the best results.

Bobby Boyd Living’s Easy & Spicy Fusilli Pasta

Again, this is a recipe inspired by Jon and Vinny’s incredible spicy fusilli (seriously, if you get the chance to visit their LA restaurant, you definitely should).

However, this recipe puts its own little twist on the classic, adding more spice and some more garlicky flavor. In fact, you’ll need as much as 5 cloves of garlic to stick to this recipe!

For most people, that definitely isn’t a bad thing but if you feel like the garlic flavor might be too overpowering for you, feel free to adjust the quantities to your liking.

Cookpad’s Spicy Tangy Fusilli Pasta

The final recipe on our list is certainly not the worst and makes good use of some Asian ingredients and flavors to mix things up a bit.

You’ll need some capsicum, ginger and garam masala powder to make this recipe, so definitely a step in a different direction from the standard vodka sauce.

What you’ll be left with is a gorgeously vibrant and deeply flavorful pasta dish that you could easily make every day of the week!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to bring fusilli to life with some spicy, vibrant sauces.

You should feel free to alter any of these recipes with more or less spice as you prefer.

Just make sure you don’t go too hard and end up with steam coming out of your ears!

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