10 Amazing Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Recipes

For lovers of trendy Asian food, sushi is pretty much the best thing you can get. Not only does it taste good, but it can also look like a work of art when done right.

Of course, the professional sushi chefs are always going to be the best when it comes to presenting some gorgeous fish dishes but there’s no reason you can’t try to recreate them at home.

That’s why we’re going over some of the best recipes for spicy tuna crispy rice. Feel free to dip any of these in your favorite hot sauce to kick up the spice levels even more!

10 Amazing Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Recipes

Goop’s Spicy Tuna On Crispy Rice

The first recipe on our list doesn’t require too many complicated ingredients so it shouldn’t be too difficult to recreate at home.

Instead of serving the whole thing completely cold and uncooked, like you might with some sushi, the recipe instead calls for you to lightly sear the marinated fish to give it a gorgeously crispy exterior texture.

Make sure you follow the instructions for the marinade carefully and be wary of dipping these in hot sauce as the sriracha gives them a bit of a kick already!

Keeping It Relle’s Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

This is another delicious way of preparing this type of sushi and also doesn’t require too many ingredients to prepare.

To make the crispy rice itself, you won’t need any more than the basic essentials for making any kind of sushi.

However, for the fish itself, you will need to get a hold of some authentic Japanese ingredients like shoyu and kewpie mayonnaise to get the flavors just right. These specific ingredients can be substituted for regular soy sauce and mayonnaise respectively but the effect will not be quite the same.

The Fork Bite’s Super Tasty Spicy Tuna On Crispy Rice

This recipe manages to combine the classic methods and ingredients for preparing this sushi with a couple of interesting twists.

Firstly, the inclusion of creamy avocado and lime juice makes this tasty treat even tastier. The coolness of the avocado perfectly complements the heat generated by the fish itself.

Similarly, the spicy mayo sauce that goes in this recipe also calls for the use of tobiko fish roe, which are red-orangey fish eggs. Adding these is a great way to liven up the sushi even more and make the colors pop off the plate.

Whitney Bond’s Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Cakes

A slightly simpler recipe than the previous ones we’ve looked at, these tuna rice cakes certainly aren’t any less delicious.

The key to this recipe’s success isn’t in piling a load of different ingredients onto a single tiny rice cake, rather it allows a few high quality ingredients to shine for themselves.

Of course, you’ll want to get a hold of some sushi grade ahi tuna for the best results and try to stick to the rest of the ingredients list exactly as it’s written.

Aubrey’s Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

Another recipe that utilizes some creamy avocado really well, this one even recommends ways you can prepare some parts of the sushi ahead of time and whip up a batch whenever you like.

One of the key ingredients is chili crisp, which is a chili oil condiment that combines chili oil with little pieces of onion and garlic.

This is a pretty hot oil to be putting into your sushi, so the honey and creamy avocado both work well to balance out the flavors.

Moribyan’s Crispy Rice And Spicy Tuna Bites

This recipe certainly won’t revolutionize the way tuna sushi is made, but it does have a few good suggestions for how to customize aspects of the dish to your liking.

For example if tuna isn’t really your thing or one of your dinner guests won’t have it, you can always use crab or salmon as a substitute with this recipe!

Other than that, this is a very simple recipe that’s easy to follow and shouldn’t present you with any problems when preparing it.

Chloe Ting’s Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

This recipe presents us with an absolutely gorgeous way to prepare this sushi.

The blend of flavors in the spicy tuna mix relies on some authentic Japanese ingredients that might be tricky to get a hold of but are definitely worth looking for.

It’s another recipe that recommends using tobiko fish roe to give the whole affair a sparkling dazzle in terms of color and taste.

In general, this is the perfect recipe to use if you want to impress your guests!

Cooking With Ayeh’s Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

Whilst the majority of this recipe doesn’t differ from the trends we’ve seen in others like it, the recommendations of which garnish to serve with the sushi present some interesting ideas.

Primarily, a Japanese seasoning known as furikake is one of the best things you can top sushi with. It’s usually made with a mixture of dried fish, seaweed and other seasonings to make a delightful crunchy and flavorful topping for your sushi.

As well as the furikake, you could try some jalapeno slices on top of the sushi to bump up the level of spice another notch (if you can handle it!).

A Dash Of Dolly’s Gluten Free Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

That’s right, this recipe is the first on our list to promise a completely gluten free set of ingredients. Whether you suffer from coeliac or are simply trying to reduce gluten in your diet, this is a great way to achieve the same gorgeous flavors with some cool health benefits.

Avocado oil works well for frying the rice, giving it a little bit of extra flavor and texture.

However, other than that, this recipe doesn’t differ too much from the others. Just make sure you stick to these ingredients if you’re really trying to avoid gluten.

Hot Dinners’ Nobu’s Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

Inspired by viral trends on TikTok, this recipe presents a way to recreate the social media phenomenon at home.

Once all the ingredients for the fish are completely combined, you’ll be left with something that resembles a pinkish mush but don’t worry, it will still taste delicious!

Final Thoughts

Like we said at the start, spicy tuna crispy rice is one of the tastiest and trendiest Asian foods in the world right now and will only require a couple of tricky ingredients to assemble.

Of course, if you can’t find everything you need in local stores, substitutions can be made. However, when you try an authentic piece of this fantastic sushi, you’ll definitely be willing to search for the traditional ingredients.

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