10 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Try Tonight

The trend of trying out the spiciest hot sauces on the planet has been around for a while and every day someone takes on the challenge of a new sauce to test their taste buds and stomachs to the limit!

Spicy sauces have been tried and tested for decades to perfect the recipes and the Carolina Reaper recipes are a true challenge for any spicy food fanatic out there.

Could you be the next one to perfect a Carolina Reaper recipe? Find out by trialing the best Carolina Reaper hot sauces and adding to them to create your perfect hot sauce recipe.

10 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe – Chili Pepper Madness

If you love your hot sauces, it doesn’t get any better than this Carolina Reaper hot sauce by Chili pepper madness. This recipe combines the hottest pepper in the world with garlic and onions to create a fiery condiment for any wings on the market.

This sauce truly gives a kick to your senses so be aware of the repercussions but enjoy it nonetheless! We’re sure you’ve already got your stash of Carolina hot sauces in the pantry so we wanted to find you a hot sauce worthy of the shelf!

Also with this hot sauce feel free to add in the desired amount of Carolina Reaper peppers as it’s homemade by you, so you’ll be aware of how much spice you can handle!

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe | The Spice House

So, we’re all aware that Carolina Reaper sauces have the power to burn your tongue off! And while most hot sauce fans out there love the thrill of this effect that hot sauces have, some aren’t so keen. So, we’ve found you a Carolina Reaper hot sauce recipe that won’t singe your tongue off like most!

But still maintains the flavor and spice of a classic Carolina Reaper pepper. This recipe uses Guajillo chiles as the base and the honey and roasted garlic give it a unique sweetness that doesn’t mask the spice but compliments it rather well. 

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe – Ramshackle Pantry

We all love a classic recipe, don’t we? Well, most Carolina Reaper recipes have added ingredients to make it more exciting and tangy. This recipe has been kept original and keeps to traditions. The spice is almost daunting which is just how most like to enjoy their hot sauces so it certainly does the job!

Hot sauce lovers are not mellow when it comes to spice so having a homemade almost deathly spicy Carolina Reaper hot sauce is just what you need to add to your spice trophy shelf. And your guests will be sprinting to the kitchen sink to get relief after trying your recipe! 

Carolina Reaper Pepper Hot Sauce | Budget Epicurean

Carolina Reapers themselves don’t look very scary or daunting, to begin with, but when you get a taste for them they have a thrilling and adrenaline rush-worthy spicy level that kicks you in the teeth! Recipes involving these peppers involve mostly a concoction of spicy and smokey ingredients and a blender of some sort to create the smoothest hot sauces.

If you’ve got that then you’re good to go and you can make your own Carolina Reaper hot sauce using this recipe! It’s so easy and worth the effort. Bear in mind the intensity of this pepper though as a small amount goes a long way in spicing up your hot wings. And if you’re a risk-taker, go nuts!

The Hottest Damn Hot Sauce I Ever Made Recipe – Chili Pepper Madness

The best kind of hot sauces are the ones where you take a risk and blend it only halfway so you get those chunky pepper pieces in the sauce! There’s nothing better as a spice lover than taking a bit into your hot wings and getting the taste of a raw Carolina Reaper pepper in your hot sauce.

And that’s the beauty of making your own hot sauce too as you can customize up your recipe to suit your preferences! If you like the sauce chunky and spicy, feel free to blend the chunks large. If you like it smooth and sultry, then take more care when blending to truly get the spice flavor throughout the whole bottle of hot sauce you’re making. 

Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce – Self Proclaimed Foodie

This may be the easiest Carolina Reaper hot sauce you’ll ever come across and the best part is that this recipe entails adding mustard for a smokey BBQ flavor hot sauce to enjoy with any meal.

The only effort you need to put into it is to mix the ingredients together and let the flavors develop and you can enjoy an alternative to the spiciest hot sauce on the planet! Smokey and BBQ go hand in hand and you should be able to enjoy both flavors as they compliment each other so well. 

Carolina Reaper Banana Hot Sauce Recipe | Yummly

If you’re a spicy hot sauce fan with a taste for sweetness, this recipe is the perfect Carolina Reaper hot sauce recipe for you! The banana adds a sweetness to it that isn’t overbearing but helps to mellow out the spice slightly so you can get more enjoyment out of your hot sauce.

Hot sauces can very easily become too much for some people and if overdone in the mixing process, can spoil the flavors of the reapers themselves. Banana helps balance this out and enables you to enjoy a delightful and sweet hot sauce that still has that kick you’re looking for.

Fiery Mango Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce Recipe Video By Smoky.Ribs

A useful thing to know about hot sauces is that they work beautifully with fruits and sweet flavors! Pineapple, mangos, pears, and banana are just some of the fruits that complement spices well, and why not get experimental with the combinations whilst you’re at it?

This recipe entails making use out of the sweetness of mangos to mellow down the Carolina Reaper hot sauce, however, it won’t get rid of the spice altogether! So, you can enjoy a spicy hot sauce with tangy sweetness on any meal or spicy wings bucket. 

Reaper Madness Hot Sauce By Boca De Fogo Recipe By Boca De Fogo – Cookpad

If you’ve been looking for a less intense spicy hot sauce using Carolina Reapers, then this recipe is for you. And with hot sauces that are homemade, you can decide exactly how much Carolina Reaper peppers you can handle!

The downside to buying hot sauces is that you can never tell just how spicy they are going to be so that’s what makes this recipe so unique! You decide the level of intensity that is going to go into it so if you’re a spice freak, or you’re sensitive to spices but enjoy the occasional kick out of them, then you decide!

Fermented Hot Sauce – Simple And Delicious! | Feasting At Home

Do you have any garden chilies that you need to use up this year before the season is over? Why not use them up with added Carolina Reapers using this fermented hot sauce recipe, chilis can be beautifully blended with garlic, herbs, lemon juice, and other fruits to make your perfect hot sauce creation.

And any opportunity to use up garden chilis is a winner in our books, so don’t waste this opportunity and try out this recipe today!

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