10 Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce Recipes That Are Easy To Make

Today we are going to showcase our 10 favorite Coney Island hot dog sauce recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious. If you find yourself in the lower half of Brooklyn and need a quick bite to eat, there’s nothing better than grabbing a hotdog and taking a stroll along the seaside boardwalks.

Famous for its hot dog eating contests, home to the fictional New York gang; The Warriors, and its tourist-friendly amusement parks, take Coney Island with you and try some of these fantastic sauces for everybody to enjoy.

Whilst the sauce actually originates from the Detroit area, we’ve listed some of our favorites from around the web, from spicy options to vegan choices, and even ones suitable for the ball game.

10 Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce Recipes That Are Easy To Make

Classic Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce

Here’s a classic recipe to start off our list that’s packed full of flavor and will guide you through easy steps to taste the magic of Coney Island hot dogs. This is especially great if you like a slight kick to your sauce and enjoy eastern Asian spices commonly found in these dishes.

It features cumin, cinnamon, ground mustard, cayenne pepper, garlic, and chili powder for an intense flavor that still remains loyal to the classic Coney Island recipe. For extra heat, make sure to add some more cayenne pepper and mustard, and add cheddar cheese for a truly tasty dog.

Meatless Hot Dog With Plant-Based Coney Chilli Sauce

Trying to find a vegan alternative for a Coney Island hot dog can be tricky, but we’ve located the best option for you to try at home, as this doesn’t rely on meat for the sauce.

Before jumping in, make sure to do some planning and pick up one of the meatless options suggested in the recipe, either using Beyond Beef or Boca Crumbles, or brown lentils. And make sure to pair this with sweet potato fries for the complete vegan dish.

Coney Island Sauce Wisconsin Style

It wouldn’t take long for the Coney Island hot dog to make its move nationwide, and many other cities have made their own version of the sauce. Here’s our top pick from Wisconsin using Secret Stadium Sauce which is a popular condiment at Miller Park, home to the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball team. 

Simply add this to ground beef, onion, green chilies, ground red pepper, and a mixture of other ingredients for the classic mid-west recipe. With one of these dogs in your hand, watching the ball game never felt better!

Copycat A&W Coney Island Sauce

The writers of this recipe are correct when they say there’s nothing more tragic than a naked hot dog. Don’t commit this culinary crime, and try this copycat A&W sauce that’s packed full of flavor that can serve up to 25 cups worth of dogs.

You’ll need ground beef, onions, tomato paste, tomato puree, sugar, cider vinegar, chili powder, and salt to taste. If you want to make this even more authentic, only use Kogel franks and rehydrate dry minced onions in boiling water.

Keto Coney Dog Casserole

Here’s something slightly different for the avid low-carb follower. Taking the principles of the iconic sauce and turning it into a casserole dish, this could easily be the next guiltless pleasure on your weekly meal plan.

Featuring lean ground beef, cheddar cheese, mustard, beef broth, and classic ketchup amongst others, you can still enjoy the taste even if you no longer eat bread. This won’t take you long as it has a preparation time of 15 minutes and a cooking time of 25 minutes.

Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce

If you’re looking for a tasty, saucier option you’ll feel right at home trying this one on for size. The sauce is thick, packed full of flavor, and the final product will have you salivating, we wouldn’t be surprised if you make this a meal staple.

This recipe features the typical ingredients found in Coney Island sauce but comes with awesome extras that we recommend you include when making this recipe. You’ll definitely want to add the cheddar chase, diced Jalapenos, and white onion for an intense flavor.

Slow Cooker Lentil Chilli Coney Island Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Here’s one for the vegetarians looking to maximize their veggie hot dogs this summer. What we like about this recipe is the Greek-inspired flavors in the ingredients as it uses a combination of herbs to give it a unique taste.

As you sit back and let the slow cooker do all of the work, this is a great set-it-and-forget-it recipe and will only take 15 minutes of preparation time. And if there are any leftovers, you can even make some sloppy joes or add spaghetti to make a Cincinnati chili.

Gillie’s Coney Island Chili Dogs

If you have the time and want to get creative in the kitchen, this take on the Coney Island hot dog will be a solid choice. Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be left with a dazzling concoction of taste and flavor.

Featuring ground beef, white onion, beef tallow, chili powder, Spanish paprika, and cumin, the result is a fitting sauce that can be stored for later. You could swap out the tallow for lard if you want a better richness to the sauce.

Awesome Coney Sauce

If you want an awesome sauce, this recipe has set itself apart from the rest. It’s super easy to make and will only take 20 minutes of preparation time.

Using ground sirloin as its meat of choice, we recommend you go liberal on the chili powder if you like your recipe to be spicy, make sure to let the sauce for a good 3 hours, and grab yourself a dog for any occasion.

Crock-Pot Chili Coney Island Dog Sauce

Time to turn up the heat with this chili dog crock-pot-inspired recipe. Slow cook it to perfection and indulge yourself in a couple of hot dogs that would be best served with a cold beer.

We recommend extra lean ground beef, as per the instructions suggest as you’ll be able to reduce the total calorie content making this even more desirable for a lean and mean hot dog.

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