10 Delicious Spicy Pimento Cheese Recipes

10 Delicious Spicy Pimento Cheese Recipes

Every southerner has a thick and spicy history with pimento cheese. Termed the “pate of the south” and the “Carolina caviar”, this deliciously gooey cheese dip has been a southern favorite for well over 70 years.

However, did you know that spicy pimento cheese actually dates back to late 1800s New York? When a surge in cream cheese and canned pimento peppers resulted in the genius of mixing the two together.

It wasn’t long until the south caught wind of this spicy cheese delicacy, took it as their own, and never looked back.

Of course, you can get super invested in a spicy pimento cheese recipe, adding a whole array of spices and sauces, but the classic recipe is what many southerners come back to, time and time again.

A simple cheddar cheese mixed through mayo with a good helping of blended pimentos added in for good measure.

That is it. Versatile by design, pimento cheese can be served as a dip for corn chips, spread over crackers, the prime real estate on a spicy sandwich, mixed through deviled eggs, slapped on a burger – the sky is the limit as to what meals spicy pimento works with.

In this article, we will showcase an eclectic selection of the best spicy pimento recipes found online.

This will help first-timers find an easy recipe to hit the ground running with and seasoned spicy pimento veterans find a new recipe or two to add to their repertoire.

Southern Pimento Cheese

If you’re looking to make your own pimento cheese at home, then you simply can not overlook the classic southern recipe, because, quite frankly, they do it best. This recipe requires nine ingredients to be mixed up into existence.

But, luckily, you will likely have most of them in the kitchen cupboard/ fridge already. Mix cream cheese, mayo, and cheddar to get the consistency extra gooey.

Then add spices like cayenne pepper, garlic, and onion powder with the essential ingredient of diced pimentos, and that is pretty much it. A bonafide classic pimento that has, in an abundance, the spicy, tangy, gooeyness that goes incredibly well with a bunch of the recipes below.

Pimento Cheese Spread

If you haven’t got the ingredients or time to make the classic recipe above and just need a quick dip to feed the masses then this pimento cheese spread will do the trick.

Consisting of cheddar cheese, a jar of chopped pimentos, garlic powder, and mayo, this recipe can be completed, start to finish, in under 10 minutes flat. It’s the perfect addition to a party munching table, cozied up next to the corn chips and crackers.

Click through for the exact quantities, and if you need more pimento simply double or triple the quantities accordingly.

Sharp & Spicy Pimento Cheese

If the above recipes don’t do it for you in the spice department, then this sharp and spicy variation sure will. Taken from a foodie’s very own grandmama’s recipe, this is a generational secret that needs to be tasted to be believed.

The two secrets to this recipe are the good helping of hot sauce that’s stirred through to give it an extra zing and the cooling time.

By leaving the pimento cheese for a minimum of three hours in the fridge (preferably overnight), the flavors will have enough to bind and become one insanely tasty spread that goes perfectly in a toasted sandwich.

Smoky & Spicy Pimento Cheese

If you’ve been running the classic pimento for a while and are looking for a recipe with a bit more life mixed into it, then this spicy pimento is ready to rock your socks right off.

Requiring a few more ingredients like Worcester sauce, smoked paprika, chipotle powder, and pickled jalapenos, this pimento is both smoky and vinegary and will undoubtedly leave your guests coming back for more until the bowl runs dry.

This is the kind of pimento that traditionalists will turn their nose up at until they get a single whiff of its unique smell, and then they’ll dive right in for a big old helping.

Spicy Pimento Cheese Omelet

Spicy Pimento Cheese Omelet

This spicy pimento cheese omelet takes about 30 minutes to prepare and doesn’t require an already made pimento.

Using a total of 10 ingredients, this classic omelet recipe, with the addition of diced pimentos, pepper jack cheese, and hot sauce is made to taste just like pimento, but in one simple recipe.

Perfect for a slow Sunday morning where regular eggs just won’t cut the mustard and you’re desiring a little spice to send you on your way.

Spicy Pimento Cheese Sandwich With Avocado and Bacon

While there is certainly nothing wrong with a classic spicy pimento cheese sandwich, jazzing your midday delicacy up a little is no crime either right? This sandwich recipe runs you through how to make a pimento cheese as well as gives you some inspiration for your next fancy sandwich.

Adding both avocado and bacon to a pimento sandwich might seem sacrilege to pimento purists, but believe us when we say, this trio of ingredients works, and works well.

Spicy Pimento Cheese Burgers

There really is only one thing that can make a cheeseburger any more perfect than it already is and that’s a thick layer of spicy pimento cheese melted through it. This cheeseburger recipe feeds four, has a 20 minute prep time and a cook time of just 15 minutes.

This means you could be tucking into these cheesy meaty burgers in just over half an hour’s time.

A great addition to any game day feast where the beers are cold and the food is fiery. You can thank us later for this one because it’s burger-making time.

Spicy Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs have been around since ancient Roman times, and while the spicy pimento cheese version hasn’t been around for quite so long, it is a stone-cold classic in itself.

Not only does the vibrant color of the pimento really stand out against the white of the egg, but it also hits the taste buds just right too. The ideal appetizer for any party or family get-together where a bunch of important people needs feeding and they need feeding well.

Spicy Pimento Cheese Mac

Two foods that already go together like Mac and Cheese, are, oh wait, mac and cheese. A classic people-pleaser with a place in the hearts of many, this cheesy pasta dish is adored by both kids and adults the world over.

Of course, the spicy pimento version may not be to every child’s taste, but it sure is a popular one with the grown-ups. Give it a try, and we promise, you’ll never look at the humble mac and cheese in the same way again.

Pimento Cheese Sausage Balls

Last but certainly not least is the mouth-watering goodness of pimento cheese sausage balls. This is another recipe that can be added to a party planner’s list of dishes or turned into a simple but effective dinner with a leafy side salad.

Requiring only four ingredients, these sausage balls can be whipped up in just over 30 minutes and will be an instant hit of the family.


Although spicy pimento cheese is a southern favorite, that doesn’t mean it can’t be adored by Americans in every corner of the country.

Packed full of flavor and with very humble roots, this classic dip of the south is both cheap to make and super versatile on the recipe front. We hope this article has helped you find some spicy inspiration to impress your guests and feed the family.

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