10 Delightful Spicy Potato Soft Taco Recipes

What’s better than spicy tacos for dinner? Spicy potato tacos! And you can make your own vegetarian-friendly tacos for you and your loved ones so easily with our 10 most delightful spicy potato taco recipes!

Tacos are such a fun way to enjoy your meal time as so many ingredients and choices can be added in or taken away from these recipes easily without tarnishing their uniqueness. And any recipe that is vegetarian friendly is a winner in our books so we’ve got that down for you.

10 Delightful Spicy Potato Soft Taco Recipes

10 Ingredient Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos – The Charming Detroiter

This recipe can be made in under 45 minutes and is such an easy meal-time choice for mid-week dinners! We understand that mid-week can be difficult enough with work schedules and making dinner time easier can be the highlight of your day.

Spending a significant amount of time sitting in traffic can be very daunting when all you want to do is get home to your precious puppies and enjoy your evening, so why not plan out what exciting ingredients you want to add to this 10 ingredient roasted sweet potato taco recipe, including loads of tasty spices if you’re an extreme spice lover.

And it looks delightful too in appearance, so why not be tempted by this recipe?

Sweet Potato Tacos With Avocado And Coriander Sauce And A Tomato And Pear Relish | Nigella’s Recipes

The great thing about spicy potato taco recipes is that you can truly add whatever you want and the recipe still checks out! This recipe includes tomato and pear relish, and an avocado sauce to really mix up the taco spice palette.

The sweetness of the pairs compliments the tomato beautifully in the relish to make for a delightful filling to go with the potato. And don’t get us started on the avocado sauce! These ingredients pair shockingly well with each other and we love the experimentation with the pair.

Why not try switching out apples or pineapples for the pair to see what works for you if you’re not a fan of pears. You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

Spicy Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos – Sprinkles & Sea Salt

We love aesthetically pleasing recipes and this spicy sweet potato and black bean taco recipe are the most pleasing to look at, and enjoy of course!

The sweet potato has been cupped and the avocado has been presented in the same way to make for a delightfully made recipe that you can take to any guest party to impress the host!

Black beans and rice have been used in this recipe to pair well with the main fillings so you can enjoy a fulfilling meal that is 100% vegetarian and tasty! 

Fish Tacos With Coleslaw Recipe | Fried Fish Tacos | Life’s Ambrosia

The beautiful thing about tacos is that any fillings can be messed around with to create a well-balanced and delightful meal. This recipe consists of fish and spicy coleslaw to make the best spicy soft tacos you’ve ever sampled! And what’s there not to love?

The fish is crispy, the tacos are soft and delicate, and the spicy coleslaw adds that kick to the fish that just cannot be beaten in any other spicy potato soft taco recipe. And the best part is that they are so easy to make so your dinner can be sorted in record-breaking time for your favorite TV to start. 

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos Recipe – Cookie And Kate

Sweet potato and avocado go hand in hand together, so why not try out this sweet potato and black bean taco recipe with added seeds, rice, and lentils?

It’s also a great recipe for using up all your stored lentils and beans in the pantry that you don’t know what to do with. Just simply whack them into this taco recipe and you’re good to go. It’s great for an end-of-year recipe to have a massive clear out of your unused and soon-to-expire ingredients.

And black beans and lentils are healthy for you so why not use them up sooner rather than later so your body can enjoy them too.

Potato Skin Tacos Recipe | BBC Good Food

Sometimes all you’ve got in the house is spicy potato and half an avocado, and red onions so why not combine them together to achieve this delightful spicy potato recipe with makeshift potato skins in place for tacos!

They make for great soft taco shells and you use up the entirety of the potato this way too. We love the creativity with this recipe and so will you. Simply mash up your potato, cheese, fajita spice mix, and avocados to get the most perfectly spiced potato tacos. 

Potato Tacos (Tacos De Papa) – My Dainty Kitchen

These Mexican tacos with roasted potatoes are fully vegan and can be enjoyed by anyone. The recipe also includes drenching the potatoes in cheese and luxurious chipotle cream to make a delightful taco recipe.

Creamy potatoes are a family favorite and being able to enjoy them in tacos? Well, we didn’t think they could get any better until we stumbled upon this recipe! Enjoy it with a side salad or homemade salsa dip to really spice up the meal and tacos.

Sheet Pan Potato Tacos – Love Is In My Tummy

We love a recipe that enforces healthy gut-friendly foods as well as pays attention to the overall presentation of their food. This recipe is just delightful in appearance and tastes the same!

Everything about this recipe just screams homemade and the combination of the spicy-sweet potatoes, avocados, and creamy sauce make for a fabulous meal for one or with the whole family.

You can opt the spice in or out of this recipe so any younger children who are not fond of spices can enjoy this too! 

Vegan Sweet Potato And Black Bean Tacos Recipe – All Recipes UK

The great thing about tacos is that adding in seeds and lentils and spices is so easy! You can experiment with what works for you and your tastebuds to curate the best spicy potato soft tacos known to man. And the best part? You will have audited this recipe as your own when you add extra ingredients.

So, why not go for it and have fun throwing in a ton of spices, herbs, and beans to see what works for you! Spicy potato and black beans always go hand in hand and one is spiced and sweet, and the other is a filler vegetable that is good for you as well as adding in extra textures to the meal. You really can’t go wrong!

Spicy Bean Tacos | Knorr UK

There’s nothing better than a classic taco recipe right? So, why not try this spicy bean taco recipe and opt-out of the meat for spicy potatoes instead?

The potato adds a plethora of textures with the black beans and spicy peppers or jalapenos to truly cleanse your palette. You won’t want to try any other taco recipe out there once you’ve tried your own homemade black bean potato tacos.

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