10 Delightful Spicy Tuna Poke Recipes

Tuna Poke is a super healthy and trendy way to get your calories, protein, and nutrients. This is a dish that originated in Hawaii where Tuna is rife, the dish usually combines a combination of raw tuna fish, some fruit like avocado or watermelon as well as scallions and other accouterments, all served on a bed of rice.

Poke means ‘chunk’ in HawaiianThe dish is super popular in the US, and here are some of our favorite recipes that you can make at home! Read on to find out more.

10 Delightful Spicy Tuna Poke Recipes

Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl

This is a really easy dish to make that includes some fun ingredients like tamari as well as the common black sesame seeds.

This recipe focuses on low sodium products and gluten free products that can help this dish remain healthy and delicious! The spiciness in this dish comes from the sriracha sauce which means you can make it as hot or as mild as you chose.

Basic Ahi Poke Bowl

This is another great poke recipe that utilises some different ingredients for spice and texture. This dish gets rid of avocado and instead uses chopped macadamia nuts as a source of fats.

This gives an extra crunch alongside the sesame seeds that is complementary to the tender raw tuna. The recipe also uses crushed red pepper for spice, this is great as you can alter your spice to your own taste.

Hawaiian Poke Bowl With Salad

This is a great recipe that scales the original and traditional poke recipe into a more substantial meal by padding it out with greens and salad!

Those who enjoy poke and sushi will be no stranger to seaweed salad which is a great salty component to this dish that boosts its nutrition. The addition of pineapple and edamame beans is also a great idea to add texture and nutrition as well as even more island flavors.

Healthy Tuna Poke Bowl

This recipe is another that focuses on optimising the recipes healthiness with low sodium, gluten free ingredients that make this recipe accessible to all. They swap out the common sushi rice for cooked brown rice which is higher in fiber.

Fresh ginger and crushed red pepper makes this recipe still spicy which is great and adjustable depending how you like it. The additions of snow peas and furikake seasoning give this an asian twist which is a welcome change.

Tuna Poke Bowl With Mango

This is a great recipe if you want a non traditional poke bowl that is still really healthy and great tasting. This recipe uses mangos and carrots for some added sweetness and different textures.

Pickled ginger adds some spice as well as the use of fresh chilli which adds even more fruit flavor. Adding shredded cabbage gives the dish a heartiness that is great for the winter too.

East Coast Tuna Poke

This recipe changes things up a little in this recipe that makes the tuna the main character of this story. Macadamia nuts and furikake add a lot of texture and chrichiness that is great with the meat.

The addition of fresh red onion can add spiciness along with their suggested chili garlic sauce that has some raw spiciness from the garlic as well as the fresh ginger in the recipe. This is one where the veg is less and the meat is more, so make sure you get good sushi quality tuna for this recipe.

Spicy Tuna Poke With Spicy Mayo

Adding spicy mayo to your tun apoke can provide fattiness as well as spice that is delicious. This recipe utilises the spiralizer and julienne cutting techniques to really get the most out of your veg.

They go for a daikon radish as well as some nappa cabbage and snap peas which make this more asian inspired than Hawaiian.The clever use of chilli oil ‘sambal oelek’ is a great but different way to get spice into this dish as well as an umami bomb.

Spicy Poke Bowl With Sesame Soy Almonds

This is a poke dish with a bit more flair that is perfect for a date night dish. This recipe adds some extra sesame oil fried almonds that are super umami and have a great crunch to them that makes the dish a little different.

The addition of a serrano pepper will keep the spice fans happy. The addition of mirin and rice vinegar adds an asian flavor to the dish as well as some acidity. This is a great way to take your poke to the next level.

Simple Ahi Poke Bowl

This is amore simple take on the dish that is encouraging to the home cook who hasn’t got used to all these asian and pacific ingredients yet.

If you are a skeptic and want to try it out in its most basic form, this recipe provides the groundwork to push you into the non-western flair you can add to this dish. The main ingredients are there, but they offer places to get more adventurous and add more spice as you fancy.

Tuna Poke Nachos

Yeah, you read that right. We’re throwing in a curve ball for our final recipe that could make the Hawaiians and Mexicans cringe, but we promise once you try it you will fall in love with this dish. It’s so wrong it’s right, and if you are a spice lover then this is worth trying.

Essentially, teh carbs have been swapped from rice to the corn tortilla chip. But that’s the biggest change here. The ingredients are essentially the same as a poke bowl. An ingredient worth noting for the spice lovers is the jalapenos here which go great with the corn tortilla chips.

Instead of the cheese that normally goes on nachos, which we agree would be a crazy move here, is replaced with sriracha  mayo that not only adds a fattiness but also more spice!

The Final Say

So there you go, poke is a seriously customisable dish that has a few fundamentals, but you can essentially get as creative as you want, as the last recipe demonstrates. Happy experimenting!

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