10 Spicy Aioli Recipes You Can Make Now

The Mediterranean is responsible for creating this ingenious take on plain old mayonnaise. Aioli means ‘garlic and oil’ in Italian and Catalan, as it combines the Italian words ‘aglio’ and ‘olio’. That’s pretty much what this sauce is! It also consists of salt, and sometimes egg and lemon juice. It may sound simple, but it tastes nothing short of delectable.

Although even in its simplest form, this sauce is a perfect addition to fish dishes, potatoes, or crispy bread, it can arguably get even better when a kick of spice is added.

If your lineage spreads back to the Mediterranean, you might already know how to make the perfect aioli. For the rest of us, who are only used to Heinz mayo and bottled aioli, we would not even know where to start. That is, until now!

We have scoured the net for the best spicy aioli recipes that the world has to offer, and put them all in the article below. So, there is now no excuse for you to serve your delicious home cooked meal with a mayonnaise-bottle-shaped eye-sore, because we have given you the key to unlock a world of hot garlicky deliciousness.

Take a look below at our favorite spicy aioli recipes, and find your new go-to sauce.

10 Spicy Aioli Recipes You Can Make Now

Spicy Aioli Recipe | Martha Stewart 

First on our list is Martha Stewart’s quick and easy take on this sauce. It makes enough aioli for eight people to dip into, and takes just ten minutes to perfect! Alongside the usual garlic, oil and egg are five flavorful additions: Dijon mustard, fresh lemon juice, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, and hot pepper sauce.

These combine to give the aioli a tangy and powerful kick. We found that the sweetness of the paprika complemented the bitterness of the lemon juice perfectly, and built us up to the heat of the cayenne and hot sauce. There are only two steps to making this spicy sauce, which means that anyone can give it a go! 

Spicy Aioli – Recipe | Queenslee Appétit (Queensleeappetit.Com)

If the thought of spicy garlic sauce wasn’t enough to tantalize you, the cute baby pink color scheme of this recipe site will be! This recipe by Queenslee Appétit is so easy to follow that even those of you that never cook will be able to use it.

The recipe is accompanied by bright and colorful photos of the ingredients, which include dijon mustard and cayenne pepper. There is only one step to this recipe: mix all of the ingredients together.

That’s it! We must admit, though, that this recipe does cheat a bit, as it includes store-bought mayonnaise. The end result tasted delicious, but if you are looking for an authentic aioli texture and flavor, this might not be the one for you. 

Spicy Aioli Recipe – Kitchen Konfidence

This recipe is extremely helpful for anyone who is not used to working with cayenne pepper. It will help you to slowly find the right amount of cayenne for you, so that you can ensure you enjoy the dish without it being overpowered by the spice.

To help balance all the various ingredients in the sauce, Kitchen Konfidence opts to add a bit of dill pickle juice instead of the typical splash of lemon juice. This dish is best served alongside roasted vegetables, like roast potatoes; fried chicken or fish; or as a burger dressing.

The best thing about this recipe is that you only need to donate five minutes of your time to it. So, if you are pushed for time before guests arrive and need to whip up a tasty dip, make this one!

he taste of this aioli is not as powerful as some of the others on our list, as it only uses one clove of garlic, and the only spice added is half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

Plus, it uses store-bought mayonnaise for the bulk of the sauce. So, if you are after a mild version of this dip, try out this recipe. It is smooth, creamy, and has a subtle taste of garlic and pepper. 

Spicy Garlic Aioli Recipe | Allrecipes

Especially great alongside crudites and seafood, Allrecipes have concocted this dip that takes ten minutes to prepare, but which is left to refrigerate for eight hours. The result of refrigerating the aioli is that the flavors and ingredients are blended more thoroughly than in other recipes.

If you have the time and patience to wait eight hours for the sauce, we can say that it is worth it. The end result is refreshing, creamy, and well-balanced. This recipe uses two fresh whole chili peppers instead of powder, which makes the dip so fresh and its spiciness so clean.

Our favorite element of this recipe was the fresh parsley, which we had not seen in many other recipes. The parsley augmented the way in which this sauce compliments fresh or fried fish, and added a great flavor to it. 

Spicy Garlic Aioli (Spicy Garlic Mayo From Scratch) | Kelly Neil

The biggest selling point of Kelly Neil’s recipe is that she uses both fresh garlic and roasted garlic. By roasting some of the garlic, the flavors are opened up and intensified, and make the finished product super tasty and well-rounded.

Although you will need to set aside around forty minutes to roast your garlic, once that is done you only need five minutes to prepare the sauce. The method is so easy to follow, and is accompanied by step-by-step pictures of the process.

We would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who is craving an intense and powerful garlic flavor in their aioli. The end result is creamy, with a special sriracha kick!

The Bettered Blondie: Spicy Garlic Aioli-Easy-5-Ingredients 

This aioli is ideal for slathering onto your favorite burger, or to dip your fries into. The ingredients include pre-made mayo, garlic, hot sauce, coconut aminos, and paprika. The coconut aminos is an alternative to soy sauce, which The Bettered Blondie claims takes this dish to another level.

If you use the suggested mayonnaise recipes, this recipe is Whole30 and keto, so is a very healthy version of aioli. If you are looking for a dip that has all the flavors of the Mediterranean, but fewer calories, give it a go.

All you need to do for this aioli is combine all the ingredients and season it with salt and pepper. Be careful not to add too much salt, though, as the coconut aminos already provides plenty of saltiness. 

Savory Experiments: Spicy Aioli 

The key ingredient in this aioli is sriracha. It is not an authentic aioli sauce, as it uses store-bought mayonnaise to provide the bulk of the dip. However, this element does make it super easy to make, and provides a delicious result.

You only need four ingredients to make this tasty dip, so it won’t break the bank. Our favorite element of the aioli is the fresh lime juice. It gives the sauce a tanginess that offsets its saltiness, and the combination of lime and salt made us feel like we were eating tequila slammers in food form!

Missing from this recipe, though, is the all-important garlic. It is almost as though Savory Experiments have replaced the garlic element with the spicy one, which detracts from the true beauty of proper aioli. If you are not a fan of garlic but have somehow still ended up on this page, this might be the perfect aioli for you. 

Munchy Goddess: Spicy Garlic Aioli 

The best thing about this page is the comprehensive list of suggestions it includes for serving the special aioli. Whether you are making party food, like onion rings or bacon-wrapped asparagus, or a full-fledged roast beef, this dip will be the perfect accompaniment.

The spice in this aioli comes from dijon mustard and cayenne pepper. Three garlic cloves are combined with garlic powder to give the dip a powerful burst of the garlicky goodness we all love. Step-by-step instructions are partnered with helpful images taken from the Munchy Goddess’s own crack at the recipe.

The aioli made with this recipe is so simple, yet so versatile – we used it to dip some truffle fries in, and we were not disappointed. The strength of the garlic flavor was everything we had hoped it would be. 

Key To My Lime: Sriracha Aioli Recipe 

This recipe combines the tartness of lime with the creaminess of garlic to create the ultimate Asian aioli. It goes amazingly well with fish tacos, chicken wings, and we even tried it with crispy sushi! It was an amazing combo. It goes well with more plain foods, too, and the writer of this recipe recommends adding it to hot dogs.

The writer also likens this sriracha mayo to the dip at Wendy’s and Subway! If you love their sriracha mayo and want to find out how to recreate it at home, try out this recipe. It only needs four ingredients: mayonnaise, sriracha, lime juice, and finely grated garlic.

The garlic is optional, according to the recipe, but in our books it is an essential part of any aioli recipe. Our favorite thing about this site is that it includes a list of potential alterations that you could make, depending on your personal preferences. This means that you can really tailor the recipe to your taste buds, and to whatever you are serving it with. 

Coriander Corner: Chili Aioli 

Last not but least on our list is Coriander Corner’s take on the dip. The bulk of the sauce comes from store-bought mayonnaise, which is partly what makes this recipe so quick and easy. There is a generous amount of garlic in this recipe – six cloves, to be exact – and we were very happy about it.

There is an option for this recipe to replace the fresh garlic with garlic paste, but if you want a pure and more natural flavor to your aioli, we would recommend sticking with the cloves.

If you want the garlic flavor to be even stronger, you could always add in a little bit of garlic paste alongside the cloves! In our opinion, the more garlic there is, the merrier we are.

The spicy kick in this aioli comes from the half teaspoon of dijon mustard and the same amount of cayenne pepper. Depending on how hot you want your dip to be, you could always add a little more of either!

The method has only one step, which is to mix the ingredients together! If you want to make your aioli look as good as it tastes, sprinkle a bit of cayenne on top when you serve it. It made ours look pretty much restaurant standard. 

Final Thoughts

We can never get enough of garlic. Not only is it ridiculously delicious, but it has amazing health benefits to match. That is why we implore you to try one of these recipes!! They are all quick and easy enough for even the least experienced chefs to make, and will add a powerful spiciness to uplift any dish.

Whether you want to try the authentic Mediterranean approach and simply use garlic and oil before adding your chosen spice, or whether you fancy a creamier American-style aioli made from store-bought mayonnaise, there is a recipe on this list to suit all preferences.

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