10 Spicy Jollof Rice Recipes You Can Try Tonight

10 Spicy Jollof Rice Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Who doesn’t love Jollof rice? There’s something extremely comforting about this African staple that makes it the perfect dish for cozy winter dinners and sunshine summer lunches in equal measure.

The hearty bite of rice with delicious African spices is a winning combination every time.

If you are looking for a way to take your Jollof rice to the next level, check out these 10 spicy Jollof rice recipes that you can try tonight.

From classic basic Jollof rice to some cool variations to spice up your rice game, we’ve got 10 of the best recipes right here!

Spicy Nigerian Jollof Rice

This is a straight-up, classic Nigerian Jollof rice recipe that contains all of the flavors that make Jollof rice such a well-loved dish.

Your staples such as the intense tomato stew base and warm African spicing really shine through in this unadorned but delicious Jollof recipe.

This dish is fantastic on its own or as a side for grilled meats, and it serves as a great base for experimentation.

Ghanaian Jollof Rice With Lamb

Jollof rice has heritage across West Africa. We love this Ghanaian version that keeps all of the basics present and correct but adds unctuous, melting chunks of lamb.

You can substitute beef if you prefer, or take the flavor even further by using mutton for a real one-pot treat. There is something very deluxe-feeling about the rich fat of lamb mixed with the warm earthy flavors of Jollof rice.

Perfect Jollof Rice With Fish

African seafood cuisine is incredible, and Jollof rice is a perfect platform for delicious fish.

This recipe doesn’t just stop at adding grilled fish as a topper for the rice, but also integrates crayfish into the recipe for an even more fishy flavor! You can use any white fish you like for his recipe.

Fish like tilapia or sea bass are brilliant, but you can even branch out to the sweeter flavors of trout or the bold, oily punch of mackerel and get great results.

Vegetable Jollof Rice

Rice is a great partner for vegetables of all kinds. This super-satisfying vegetable Jollof rice recipe adds carrot and eggplant for a rich, savory yet sweet meal.

The earthy flavor and satisfying texture of eggplant make it a great addition to Jollof rice, and we are huge fans of how it takes on the flavors around it. You can add any vegetables you like to this Jollof rice recipe, so go ahead and experiment!

Sweet Potato Jollof Rice From Sierra Leone

Sweet potato is an absolute star vegetable. It’s incredibly healthy and packed full of flavor, and it makes a brilliant addition to any recipe with a little bit of spice. As a consequence, it’s great in Jollof rice.

Sweet potato adds extra filling goodness to this Jollof recipe, pumping it up to make for a vegetarian meal that needs no additions, though it also works nicely as a side to some roasted chicken or grilled meats. You can swap out the sweet potato for yams too!

Smoked Turkey Jollof Rice

Smoky flavors work really well with Jollof rice, and this is a great example of that sort of pairing. Jollof is a very robust base in terms of flavor and takes extra fats in its stride, so the addition of delicious, moist smoked turkey is an obvious winner!

Similar to the way that lamb adds extra savory flavor to the rice as it cooks, the smoky, rich juices from the turkey give the rice more depth. This is a true winter warmer of a Jollof recipe that’s sure to become a holiday season staple in your kitchen!

Jollof Rice With Shrimp

Adding shrimp to Jollof rice feels like an obvious move, but the flavor combination that results is good beyond imagination!

In the same way that paella takes rice, tomatoes, and shellfish to create a fragrant, heady dish, shrimp Jollof is, for us at least, one of the most satisfying flavor combinations. Rich, spicy, earthy warmth meets sweet, salty, seafood in a matchup that your taste buds will be crying out for more of.

Beef Jollof Rice

Beef Jollof Rice

The rich, meaty flavor of beef, always a great complement to tomatoes and spices, is a classic addition to Jollof rice. This particular recipe is amazing served with a side of buttered string beans! Use any good stewing cut of beef for this recipe.

You want something that’s going to break down nicely while everything cooks together in the pot to leave that delicious beefy flavor running through the whole dish. Try marinating your beef first to add even more flavor.

Pork Jollof Rice

Pork Jollof rice is an amazing, easy dinner that’s satisfying and healthy! What more could you want from a recipe?

Pork lends this dish a deep, unctuous savoriness that’s hard to beat.

You can use any cut of pork that you like, though you will get very different results from lean chop pork than you will from a rich fatty belly cut. Whichever way you decide to go, this pork Jollof rice recipe is a firm favorite of ours!

Chicken Jollof Rice

Chicken is such a brilliant meat. Because it’s such a kitchen staple it’s easy to forget exactly how much chicken can bring to a meal. Here, chicken gives a basic Jollof rice extra richness and body, plus a satisfying meaty texture that elevates the dish to dinnertime classic status.

You can use either white or dark meat depending on your preference. You can also marinate your chicken first if you want to add another dimension of flavor to your Jollof rice.

Recipe Round-Up

There are so many amazing variations on Jollof rice! From vegetables to meat and seafood, you can add almost anything to a delicious Jollof recipe and come out with a meal that’s fit for any table.

Try out one of the spicy Jollof rice recipes that we’ve shown you tonight and you’ll instantly fall in love with this awesome West African classic!

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