10 Stunning Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Recipes

Ghost peppers are considered to be amongst the spiciest peppers in existence. In fact, in early 2007, the Ghost Pepper was even inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest chili pepper in the World.

If you’ve never tasted one before, they can best be compared to Tabasco sauce. Imagine the spicy kick of even just a drop of Tabasco sauce… Think about how it makes your mouth tingle and your tastebuds dance… Now imagine that times 170… It’s some seriously mind-blowing stuff.

However, the Ghost Pepper isn’t just a wild and exotic novelty, but it also has many applications in ordinary cuisine. Not only does the pepper create a fiery spiciness, but it also has a sweet and slightly fruity flavor, which makes it perfect when added to any number of already beloved dishes.

If you’ve managed to get your hands on ghost peppers of your own, and want to try them out while also creating delicious host sauces, then look no further than our list of the top 10 ghost pepper hot sauce recipes, so you can create a marinade or a dip that will blow your guests socks off!

10 Stunning Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Recipes

Chili Pepper Madness

To start with, let’s look at a nice, simple, and traditional recipe. Now keep in mind that creating this hot sauce can take a decent amount of time, as you want the chilis to really release all of their important juices and spices to create the best hot sauce on the planet. 

This recipe only requires a few ingredients, such as chopped tomatoes, vinegar, and onions. Simply fry the peppers and those other ingredients together with some oil, along with some salt and water. Simmer those for about 20 minutes to get the flavors to release. 

Once the ingredients have cooked and simmered, they’ll have become extremely soft and malleable. Pour them into a food processor and allow them to process until it comes out as one smooth and orange-colored sauce. 

Then you can simply pour your finished sauce into your chosen containers, and then they’re ready to be broken out when you need them!

This sauce has a sweet but slightly salty taste that, of course, is finished by the spicy kick of the chilis.

Pineapple Ghost Chili Sauce

Adding some pineapples to a traditional ghost chili sauce recipe goes a long way towards creating an entirely new taste. Surprisingly, the added pineapple goes a long way towards making the intense spice of ghost peppers far more bearable for those who are usually a little bit more spice-averse. 

The sweet taste of pineapple is also perfectly blended with the sweet taste of the chilis themselves, to create a sweet chili sauce that would make for a perfect dip alongside a serving of tortillas. It would also make for a perfect marinade for meats!

This recipe only takes just under an hour to make and uses just a few ingredients you likely already have, such as garlic, sugar, cumin, and cinnamon. This blend of sweet and savory seasonings goes a long way to completing the satisfying and rich flavor profile of this sauce.

Simply blend the ingredients together in a food processor, and then cook for a good 20 minutes until the sauce becomes smooth and yellow in color. 

Fox Valley Foodie

Many people who have tasted ghost peppers (after they’ve come down from the mind-melting spice) find that they quickly become addicted to the amazing flavor. This is exactly what happened to ‘Fox Valley Foodie’, and is what led him to make this Ghost pepper sauce.

This sauce draws out all of the natural flavors of the chilis and exaggerates them, while also not compromising the spice. This means that everyone can experience the amazing taste of the ghost pepper more clearly than they could elsewhere!

This sauce uses the same method as many others, but instead blends in roast carrots to the mix, to give it an extra flavor that goes a remarkably long way!

Ghost Chili Mango Hot Sauce

Mangos give this amazing ghost chili hot sauce a vibrant and exotic twist that really makes its flavor pop. Not only is this sauce incredibly sweet and fun to taste, but it quickly becomes very addictive.

Serve it as a dip alongside a serving of tortillas and you will soon have yourself a favorite dish at a party. Make sure to make plenty if you’re hosting a party of your own!

Again, this recipe uses mostly the same method as other recipes and requires about an hour of careful stirring and observation to ensure that the flavor comes out perfectly from all of the ingredients.

You can adjust the recipe as you see fit, such as adding more lime juice, salt, vinegar, or even more chilis to create not only the perfect taste but also the perfect texture. you‘ll be able to tell when it’s just right. It will be slightly thick, but still very runny. 

Jeanette’s Healthy Living

This recipe creates some truly concentrated hot sauce that has ounces of flavor and spice in every single individual drop. Sprinkle just a small amount into a sandwich or a wrap and you can easily turn any ordinary lunchtime into a flavor party! 

Just make sure to wear some gloves when handling these ingredients. You might not believe it, but it turns out you can feel the spice even just through contact with your fingers or through the air! That goes to show just how potent these little peppers are, but also how irresistible they really are. 

Roasted Ghost Pepper And Garlic Hot Sauce

Ghost chili hot sauces are great not only for setting your mouth on fire but also for bringing just about any recipe to life. Have a boring dish that you want to bring some excitement to? Just add some of ‘Pepper Powered’s amazing ghost pepper hot sauce and you’ll create a meal you won’t soon forget. 

This recipe is very easy and produces probably the most classically styled sauce we’ve encountered yet. This is definitely the recipe to try if you’re new to these peppers, as it will give you the best and most unfiltered taste to experience them for yourself.

Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

Turns out you can take a slight edge off of a ghost pepper hot sauce by adding a few extra ingredients. This recipe makes use of carrots, onions, and garlic to add not only a little bit more flavor to the already sweet ghost pepper, but also to make the intense heat of the pepper easier to survive! 

This sauce from ‘Pepper Joe’s’ is seriously fire-breathing stuff that will have you feeling like a dragon, protecting an old castle. 

This sauce makes for a great dip and a great marinade, or just something a little extra to drizzle over your next chili. No matter what you put it on, you best be ready to have your mouth kick off like a party is taking place inside of it. And be even more cautious of how addictive this sauce is. One taste is never enough.

Sandia Seed Company

This particular ghost pepper chili sauce has a smoky finish that further helps to make the sauce taste like pure concentrated fire in liquid form.

This recipe encourages you to experiment and play around with ingredients to find entirely different flavor combinations and to find other ways to complement the already existing sweet taste of the pepper.

You never know, you just might produce the next hit ghost pepper hot sauce recipe that takes the world by storm. (You might even find yourself on a list like this!)

Yum To The Tum

6 to 8 chilis are all you’re going to need to create this explosive sauce. Careful, you might have trouble containing it in a jar; as it is really just that damn powerful. Its rich aromas spill out from a jar or a container the second you lift the lid, and soon its immense flavors will spread across your tongue. 

It’s truly amazing just how much flavor and intensity can be packed into the small and cute shape of a ghost pepper, but we’re all the happier for it. This sauce tastes incredible on the tongue and feels even better, with a smooth texture that glides across the palette, leaving fire in its wake.

Ghost Pepper Green Sauce

Turns out appearances can definitely affect how food tastes. Remarkably little is different about this recipe and its ingredients, but its green color helps to give it a lively and exotic flavor that is totally unmatched.

This recipe employs jalapeno peppers, and slightly fewer ghost peppers to create a tangy but simultaneously fiery taste that is much more welcoming to newcomers.

It seems appropriate that this sauce would be colored green when it has so clearly been designed to help those who have never tried a ghost pepper to try it in a safe place first!

We seriously cannot sing the praises of this sauce enough! 

To Finish Off

We’re sure your mouth is definitely watering by now, imagining those flavors and spices bouncing around your mouth. Well, if you follow one of these amazing recipes above you’ll be able to experience everything we did all for yourself.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity, it’s an amazing introduction to an entirely new world of flavor and texture that you’ve likely never experienced anywhere else before. So grab some chilis, a blender, and a pan, and get going!

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