7 Amazing KFC Nashville Hot Sauce Recipes

There are lots of things you can eat a good piece of fried chicken with. Whether it’s some classic ketchup, some good old BBQ sauce, or even something a little spicier, like a chili sauce.

But there’s one kind of extra you can put on a fried chicken that can’t be beaten. A sauce so good that when you try it for the first time with a good fillet or burger, you’ll wonder why you ever had any other kind of toppings in the first place.

It’ll taste so awesome, you may not even want to put anything else on your fried food, because nothing else compares.

We are, of course, talking about Nashville’s hot sauce.

Coming from Tennessee, in the city of Nashville, obviously, the spicy hot sauce, often called a Nashville hot chicken stack when paired with the poultry, has been feeding people’s hearts and filling their bellies along with it for over 70 years.

The sauce has recently become incredibly popular across the country, with KFC bringing out its own take on this spicy sauce that people can’t get enough of. And because so many people are getting a taste of it at the fast-food chain for the first time, they want to try and recreate it at home.

That’s why we’ve brought together this amazing list of different versions of the recipe for this sauce. Some have been made with fried chicken recipes in mind.

Others even have fried chicken recipes with them. Others have just the sauce with them, allowing you to pick what gets the special treatment in your food tonight. All of these recipes taste just as good as the Colonel’s, if not even better!

It’s that touch of home that really warms the heart. Well, it’s that, and the spices in your mouth!

Here are 7 incredible Nashville hot sauce recipes for you to try in your home right now!

7 Amazing KFC Nashville Hot Sauce Recipes

Nashville-Style Hot Chicken By Kylie (Cookingwithcocktailrings)

Not only does this recipe make for a killer hot sauce to slather your fried chicken with, but it even includes a tasty set of instructions for your chicken too!

This combination of the spiciness of the paprika, the cayenne, mixed with the strong sweetness of the brown sugar, make for a Nashville hot sauce that really packs a punch. In terms of its sweetness and savory-deliciousness, a good Nashville hot sauce can’t be beaten, and this recipe stands up with the best of them.

It is worth keeping in mind that this hot sauce is a little tailored to the chicken recipe included, which compliments the extra flavorings thrown into the brine used to cook the chicken. It’s certainly worth trying both together, and see for yourself what a good fried chicken and hot sauce combination looks like together.

But, once you’ve gotten comfortable making either or both parts of this hot dish, you’ll have the experience to try them with all sorts of other food, whether it’s the beautifully prepped chicken or the easy-to-make hot sauce.

Follow the instructions for this recipe for this hot sauce, and you’ll have a stunningly salty and spicy drizzle to throw on any food of your choice to add a shot of amazing flavors to your food, not just your fried chicken!

Nashville Hot Sauce With Butter By Jessica (Savoryexperiments)


For another great take on the classic sauce, let’s take a look at Savory Experiments has been cooking up on their food blog, with their own take on the Nashville saucy staple.

Jessica, the author of the recipe, certainly knocks it out of the park with this one. With a mix that’s packed with tons of flavor, and a surprising amount of texture that really elevates this sauce above others, this one won’t be easily beat anytime soon, that’s for sure!

Have this sauce at the ready for any barbecue you have planned, and your cook-ups will be something special to remember, with everyone wondering when you’ll next be able to bring out the legendary chicken/hot sauce combo.

If you don’t have any extra butter lying around for you to use, don’t worry. This recipe has you covered. It makes a couple of other suggestions for other ingredients you may have instead, like lard, or even just vegetable oil. It’ll be great to get started with any kind of base with these instructions.

Nashville Hot Sauce By Laura Ritterman (Recipe Fairy)

For a little inspiration from the Recipe fairy, take a look at this Nashville sauce for a hot idea!

The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe will be cayenne, brown sugar, clarified butter, some smoky paprika, a little honey and garlic powder, and some salt and pepper for that extra seasoning.

And that’s it! Nothing too fancy or expensive that you won’t be able to find in your local grocery store. And with just a spoon, a pan, and a stove being the only tools you need, you’ll be ready to whip up a smoking hot sauce in no time flat!

This recipe is definitely for those heat lovers who like a challenge when it comes to their spicy sauces. Make sure you’ve got a cool drink nearby when you eat with this one. You’ll definitely need it!

This recipe also has some great tips if you can’t get your hands on all the ingredients right away, like what to replace the cayenne or garlic powder with if you’ve run out. For these helpful tricks and more, check out the original recipe in the link above.

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders Copycat By moribyan

If you’re looking for a faithful recreation of the Nashville hot sauce you’ll find in KFC, and the fried chicken along with it, then this is the guide for you!

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic that you haven’t been able to get the sauce from the classic chicken chain of restaurants, then this will more than scratch that finger-licking itch you’re having.

Not only that, but the recipe also comes with instructions on how to prepare your chicken for your delicious hot sauce too. For the full experience, we recommend trying to make them both a few times and see how this compares the Colonel Sander’s own food buckets.

Once you’ve tried this guide a couple of times, you’ll be ready to throw hot sauce on anything your heart and belly desire. Try on some different meats, or throw it on some fried or cooked vegetables. This choice is up to you!

Not only that, but the recipe also gives some tips and tricks for some alternate flavors you can add to your sauce to spice it up a little. Want to change the base up? The extra notes in this recipe are very handy for that little advice you might need to point you in the right direction.

Nashville Hot Sauce By Florian


Looking for a Nashville recipe that’s perfect for any vegan food you’re trying? Contentedness Cooking has you covered with their version of the Nashville sauce.

That might sound crazy for some. After all, Nashville hot sauce is made for putting on meat, and chicken especially. Why would you put it on anything else?

But sometimes, if you’re going meat-free for a period of time, you might come to miss that particular kind of spicy itch that only this hot sauce can scratch for you. Plus, you’ll be surprised how well this goes with almost any fried food, especially if it has been prepared for spicy sauces in mind!

If you’re looking to add that iconic combination of sweet and spicy to any meal you’re making, especially a meal that needs to bring the heat, then this recipe will fit just about any table you put it on.

Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe By Jocelyn Delk Adams

For a recipe that reminds you of the best chicken restaurants you’ll find in Tennessee, then this recipe by Jocelyn Delk Adams is the sauce for you! This recipe is an absolute delight to slather on your chicken. Or any other food that happens to be in arm’s reach, even!

For this recipe, you want to add a good amount of the powder in this recipe, as well as the brown sugar for that sweetness that can’t be compared. You’ll be making a hot sauce that is so good, you’ll be licking it from your fingers with delight for ages!

And the perfect crispy texture from the chicken recipe that this sauce comes with, you’ll have the perfect meat to brush this sauce over. The way the chicken batter just absorbs this sauce is unbeatable, and will make everyone at the dinner table jealous when you pull it off!

Just make sure that you’ve got your oil prepped for when the chicken goes in. You don’t want to serve this super-special sauce with just any old oily food! This is a sauce for only the best meat.

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