7 Stunning Spicy Boiled Peanuts Recipes

To some folks reading this, the idea of boiling your peanuts might sound a little crazy. After all, nuts are supposed to be eaten raw or roasted, right?

But in some states in the US, boiled peanuts have been a staple side for plenty of people for years now. They’re so popular in some places, especially in the south, you can even get them out of a gas station!

Of course, the best way to try these tasty little treats is to have them prepared at home. In a pot, or in a slow cooker, so long as it can hold a little heat and a lot of water, you’re ready to go.

But before you click off this article and rush to the nearest convenience store to get some raw peanuts, there are some good cooking tips you’ll want to keep in mind. For one, because you’ll be boiling your nuts in a pot, where the juices and flavors will have a long time to mix, there’s plenty of room for creativity to add some flavors to your peanuts.

For a few different ideas, just take a look at this list of stunning spicy boiled peanuts that you can try at home. Whether it’s ingredients to add some unique flavors or some crafty ways of cutting down that long boiling time, there’s bound to be a helpful tip or trick in this list for you!

7 Stunning Spicy Boiled Peanuts Recipes

Crock Pot Spicy Boiled Peanuts By Christin Mahrlig (Spicysouthernkitchen)

Looking for a peanut snack that’s just full of flavor? Then why not take a look at this spicy boiled peanut recipe, fresh from the crockpot?

Peanuts are a great snack all on their own, but this simple inclusion of extra spices, water, and a lot of patience, is just the thing to make these unassuming nuts stand out from their other savory snack counterparts.

Just make sure that you have a good boiling pot, and a lot of time on your hands to watch them! Whilst you don’t need to keep track of this recipe for its entire cooking time, it pays to be there, so you can make sure nothing boils over, or any other kitchen disaster doesn’t ruin your cooking snacks.

This is a great recipe no matter what kind of peanuts you’re using, whether it’s a packet of dried, brown nuts you have lying around that need eating or a fresh batch of green peanuts straight from the grocery store. The choice is yours!

Cajun Boiled Peanuts By Mike (Chilipeppermadness)

Looking for the perfect appetizer for that big meal you have coming up? With a little planning ahead and a couple of spices under your belt, you’ll be able to serve a peanut taster that will go down a delight with your party guests!

Although a few of you part guests might not understand why anyone would boil their nuts to make them tastier, just one of these delicious little beauties will make any doubter an instant fan.

The soft inside of the peanut will be a welcome change for those nut fans who are tired of just eating them raw or roasted. With a soft shell that’s easy to remove and a smooth, almost pea-like texture when eaten, this is a great way of changing up how you eat your savory appetizers. 

Make sure you add all your extra ingredients into the pot early, so your peanuts have the most time possible to absorb all those tasty flavors, whether that’s spice, jalapeño chilies, oils, or anything else you feel like is missing from a bite-sized peanut side.

For that extra flavor, the recipe also recommends letting your peanuts sit in the refrigerator covered up for a while, to let that seasoning seep into your tasty peanuts even longer.

For more great tips for boiling your nuts, click the link above.

Rachael’s Superheated Cajun Boiled Peanuts By Rachael N Reed Palmer (Allrecipes)

For a boiled peanut recipe from the heart of Florida, take a look at this amazing take on the flavorful filling side dish from allrecipes.com. It’s as simple as clicking the link!

Not only is this an easy recipe to find, but this dish, courtesy of Rachael Reed Palmer, is incredibly simple. With only one step with a few notes, this is a recipe for anyone who wants to try out eating nuts in a whole new way!

Whilst the cooking time for some of many of these boiled peanut recipes can be a turnoff for some, for those who have the patience and time to give them a try, it’s a handsome reward. A whole pound of deliciously soft, boiled peanuts kind of reward.

Make sure you have all your extras ready before you start adding things to your boiling pot. The recipe recommends a good blend of spices, like chili flakes, chopped-up jalapeños, and a little crab boil for a little fishy flavor that goes very well with the peanuts.

Crock Pot Cajun Boiled Peanuts By Ronda (Kitchendreaming)

Looking for a boiled peanut recipe that has a hint of meat in your protein-packed peanuts? Then you’ve come to the right place with this flavorful recipe by KitchenDreaming!

This take on the classic Southern snack found across the states is a novel way of adding some spice into your food in a way you might not have tried before, especially if peanuts aren’t the most popular of side dishes in your area.

Even if you do love nuts, but have found that roasted leaves them way too crispy, and make a lot of mess to get into them, then this is a great alternative to reinvigorate your love of this little hardy capsule of nutrients.

Make sure you alter how many jalapeños and how much spice you put in the pot when the peanuts are boiling. You’ll be surprised how quickly that mouth feel can heat up when you’re scarfing down so many of these tiny little treats!

Cajun Boiled Peanuts By Andrea Lynn (Thespruceeats)

Want to try cooking boiled peanuts, but you are put off because many recipes ask you to boil them for a day? Are you looking for something a little quicker? Then, if you’ve got the right gear, you’ll want to take a crack a breaking this recipe wide open!

This recipe, from the spruce eats, manages to get around a lot of the time it takes to cook good boiled peanuts, by using a slow cooker, a great bit of kit for any good kitchen. Make sure that the peanuts you use are green, fresh nuts, for the best result possible.

The cooking time for this version of the boiled peanut recipe is about 8 hours, depending on the heat you cook them at, and whatever extras you want to add. Some new cooks might still feel like a long time to cook one food.

But 8 hours isn’t out of the reasonable range for the kind of food you would prepare in a slow cooker. Even then, cutting a cooking recipe down from 24 hours to just eight is still a massive time saver that anyone with a slow cooker can appreciate. Just make sure that you have one in the first place!

Instant Pot Cajun Boiled Peanuts By Marianne (Basilandbubbly)

Did you look at the last section that said that 8 hours was a quick recipe for spicy boiled mushrooms? Is that still a little too intimidating for you? Do you want them to be done in less time than it takes to make a decent risotto?

Well, don’t you worry. If you have the right equipment or it, there is still one way that you can speed up this whole boiling business even more!

This recipe from Basil and Bubbly needs good pressure for your peanuts, which will cut down the cooking time for this recipe even further.

This piece of gear will have your spicy boiled peanuts ready in as little as an hour and a half! That’s less than a quarter of the time it took with the slow cooker! And almost 15 times less than when we were just boiling them in a pot!

Just make sure that you’re taking extra caution when using your pressure cooker. Make sure it is attended whilst the pressure is sealed, and keep an eye on it as you release it after the first hour.

Still, with such an incredible time-saver, how could anyone not resist this amazing method of cooking boiled peanuts in a tight 2 hours?

Crockpot Cajun Boiled Peanuts By Chrysti (Marginmakingmom)

Looking for a spicier version of this traditional southern side snack? Then you’ll want to take a look at the spices this recipe packs into your boiled peanuts!

Like with all good boiled peanut recipes, make sure that you’re using raw peanuts if you can. Although you can make a decent boiled peanut side with the dried kind you might find in a convenience store, they’re going to take a little longer than using them raw would.

And if you’re cooking them in a pot, that could mean well over 25 hours! If you’re looking for the best results, it’s best to go with raw on this occasion.

The great thing about a good pot or slow cooker recipe, whether it’s a slice of meat or these peanuts, is that you’ll be able to adjust the heat to your tastes.

Make sure you’re adding them slowly, and not just heaping jalapeños into your pot at the beginning! This recipe is for a milder kind of spiced peanut, however, so feel free to add some extra hot source to this recipe if you’re feeling brave!

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