8 Spicy Crab Sushi Roll Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Crab and sushi are two ingredients that just go together so well. Whether it is in a classic California roll, or the main attraction on its own, crab meat has always been at home in sushi recipes and on our restaurant dinner plates, both when it’s the real deal or some tasty imitation crab sticks.

Because of this popularity, many people who enjoy eating sushi at a restaurant want to try making it for themselves. Maybe you’re a seasoned connoisseur of both eating, and especially tasting sushi. Perhaps you’re a newcomer, ready to try something entirely new in your kitchen.

Whatever your experience level, these spicy crab sushi recipes are guaranteed to go down a treat when you make them. And the best part? All of them can be tried in your home, right now!

So what are we waiting for? Here are 8 spicy crab sushi recipes for you to try in the comfort of your kitchen!

8 Spicy Crab Sushi Roll Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Spicy Crab Roll By Charlie (Recipes.net)

For a classic take on this popular sushi in any good Japanese restaurant, you’ll want to try this recipe for crab sushi rolls from Recipes.net. For just a hint of a sweet taste with that seafood savory, a classic sushi roll is hard to beat.

With only a few steps to this wonderfully delicious dish, this recipe is a great starting point for people who want to start making sushi, and don’t want to go for a vegetarian option like cucumber or avocado.

This sushi roll is beautifully savory, with the crab sticks bringing that taste of the sea that no Japanese sushi meal would be complete without.

And with a dash of togarashi 7 spices and paprika for that extra hint of spiciness, countered by the softer taste of mayonnaise in the recipe, all wrapped in that trademark nori sheet, this will be an instant hit at any dinner table it is placed on.

This is always great go-to sushi for any Japanese food lover. Just don’t go too hard with those extra spices!

Spicy Crab Roll By My Sushi Kitchen


Want to make a sushi roll, but worried that you won’t be able to get all the ingredients you need for a good meal? Well, don’t worry: This spicy crab roll is a great answer for those food lovers that want to make classy food with ingredients from their local area!

This recipe was made by a dedicated sushi blog, so they know how to make a good nori and rice roll!

With ingredients that can be found in just your local grocery and produce store, there’s no need to look online for where to find your ingredients with a delivery fee that goes through the roof!

Stuffed with classic tasty sushi fillings like cucumber, spicy mayo, avocado, even cream cheese, and, of course, crab sticks, along with your essential sushi rice and nori sheets, you’ll be dining like you’re in a five-star restaurant in no time!

If you’re looking for Japanese sushi with a little kick, just make sure you have a healthy heap of that spicy mayo in there. Whilst every ingredient in this recipe is mouthwatering and delicious, it’s the spicy mayo that brings the heat to this dish.

Spicy Crab Sushi Roll By Break Thru Kitchen

Looking for a new spicy seafood sushi roll to add to your repertoire? Then look no further than this spicy roll filled with delicious crabs!

Love to get a bite of some salmon maki, but getting a little bored with just getting the same old dish? Is spicy tuna your all-time favorite Japanese food, but want to try something with a new texture for your taste buds?

Both of these questions can be answered with just one single roll of spicy crab. This is a great way of expanding your palate to new and exciting kinds of seafood. The sticky sushi rice with the extra bite that crab meat brings is one of those simple pleasures that can’t be beaten when it comes to Japanese food.

Want to try this recipe out, but worried that pure crab meat is a little out of your price range? Don’t worry; The author has made this recipe in mind with imitation crab sticks too, in case you’re looking for spicy new seafood sushi that you can make on a budget.

Or thinking about going vegetarian, but still want to get that amazingly textured food with your maki? The original author has you covered there, too: Simply replace the seafood with some heart of palm, and you’ll be ready to roll up your maki!

Uramaki Sushi With Chilli Crab By Chloe (Feast Glorious Feast)

Want to try a crab sushi roll, but want to shake things up a bit? Then you’ll want to give this urumaki chili crab roll a try! It’s a novel, yet striking way of changing how you prepare, make and eat sushi.

The core recipe is very similar to your usual sushi maki roll. However, instead of filling your rice with a vegetable or meat/fish, then rolling them in your seaweed sheet, you roll your filling in the sheet, before then enclosing that with the fluffy soft sushi rice that you’ve come to expect and love in a good sushi dish.

Once you’ve wrapped your nori and coated it with the rice, you can finish it off with whatever garnish you like. Give it a light roll in some sesame seeds, or some fired and dried crispy onion. Maybe even roll it in some extra spices for that extra little punch of heat. The choice is yours!

Spicy Kani/Crab Roll By Mohamed (Hamdi Recipes)

For a creamy crab dish that’s guaranteed to put some fire in your belly, you’ll want to try this spicy Kani roll from Hamdi recipes.

With a recipe that takes only a couple of minutes to prepare, you’ll be able to whip up a delicious crab roll dish that everyone will be wanting seconds of.

If you know a friend who would love to try some Japanese sushi food but isn’t too keen on trying raw fish, then serve this maki roll to them, and watch them become an instant fan! This cooked seafood recipe means that there’ll be no raw seafood in this recipe for your friend to get squeamish about.

Make sure that your food is well refrigerated once this food is prepared, to make sure it’ll last long enough for you to enjoy the rest when you come back to it. If there’s any left of course!

Kani just means ‘crab’ in Japanese, so don’t be too worried if you see us or the original recipe uses the word instead of where you might find ‘crab’ being used. You’ll still be following the right recipe!

Simple Sushi Rolls With Spicy Crab By Cookpad

Make sure you’ve got some login details ready because you’ll want to hear all about this amazing recipe for simple crab sushi on Cook Pad!

The few moments it takes to sign up with Cook Pad are well worth it for this urumaki roll recipe. This simple combination of chopped-up crab meat and a dash of sriracha is just what you need for a little heat at a Japanese sushi experience.

Make sure you have your nori sheets and bamboo roll mat ready for this one and make sure your rice is nice and fluffy before rolling this one up.

For the best results, the recipe suggests that you cover one side of your nori sheet with your rice, and the other with your crab filling, so that you won’t have to hassle about getting a great even spread.

Spicy Crab-Ocado Maki By Doobydobap

Spicy Crab-Ocado Maki By Doobydobap

Have you been looking for a great way to try something new with your crab or California rolls? Then you need to take a look at this recipe by doobydobap, for a pair of maki rolls that won’t be beaten anytime soon by your sushi-loving friends!

This roll, filled with tasty shredded crab meat, real or imitation, and full of other sushi fillings like avocado, green onion, and the deliciously soft sushi rice, is a feast for the eyes as well as your mouth!

And with the methods the recipe uses to pack so much tasty goodness into a single roll, your guests at the dinner table will be left wondering how you managed to pack so much tasty goodness into two rolls!

Plus, with the extra tips and tricks the recipe has for people just starting in their sushi-making journeys, you’ll be rolling maki like a master in no time flat!

Spicy Sushi Roll By Quicksilver (Allrecipes)

To bring our spicy crab sushi recipes back to basics, we have an amazingly simple maki recipe from the Allrecipes website. If you’re looking to try out making sushi rolls for the first time, this is the recipe to do it with.

With just a few simple steps, outside preparing your rice and other fillings, that focus on mixing your ingredients, this is a simple recipe for any aspiring home cook to try out.

If you like your rolls with just a hint of spice, but not too much, you’ll be able to add as much or as little spices as you like or balance them with a little extra mayo or filling.

And because the recipe is so simple to try, you’ll be able to customize your sushi roll however you like. The recipe suggests swapping out your crab meat or sticks for tuna, but why stop there? Why not try adding some avocado, or cucumber, or any traditional extra to your roll?

You can even try adding some new ingredients to your sushi roll that will make it uniquely yours. Try adding some seared steak to the mix, or another kind of fish. The possibilities are endless with a great recipe that’s this simple!

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