A Guide To Super Chili Peppers

Knowing about different types of chilis is extremely important. It is important because if you can’t tell the difference between the hottest chili out there and one that is only likely to add an extra bit of taste to your mouth without burning it, then you could easily cause an unfortunate reaction in your mouth.

This is why you need to understand everything you can about different chilis like Super Chili Peppers.

If you don’t know as much information as possible about these excellent chilis then you could end up with a food disaster rather than a culinary delight. Luckily, this piece will explain all you need to know about Super Chili Peppers.

What Are Super Chili Peppers?

Super Chili Peppers are particularly well known for their bright colors. A member of the Capsicum annuum family, the Super Chili Pepper is known around the world.

This is because unlike some other chili peppers, Super Chili Peppers come in a wide range of colors, in particular red, green and orange. The color of the Super Chili Peppers means that they are often used more for decorative purposes than to be eaten.

This is a shame because the Super Chili Pepper has a particularly engaging taste which can add to any meal that is lacking in an ingenious, fruity flavor.

It should be noted that the Super Chili Peppers is one of the hotter chili peppers on the market.

Based on the Scoville Heat Unit, the Super Chili Peppers are ranked as having a heat of between 40,000 and 50,000 SHUs – whilst this doesn’t mean the Super Chili Pepper is the hottest pepper around, it is certainly hotter than many domestic peppers.

It’s important to note this as, because of their relatively small size, many people might attempt to use a whole Super Chili Pepper or several in their cooking.

If you are cooking for a large group of people this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, however, if you are only cooking for a smaller group then you should certainly not use too much or you will make your meal much too hot to eat.

How To Use Super Chili Peppers In Cooking

Now that we’ve explained what a Super Chili Pepper is, let’s examine how best to cook such a pepper.

Because of this particular pepper’s intense fiery taste, the Super Chili Pepper shouldn’t be used in either too great quantities or as the main focus of any dish you are thinking of making.

This is simply because you don’t want the people eating your meal to be concentrating more on the heat generated by the peppers than by your own cooking.

Therefore, Super Chili Peppers are best used only in small amounts and in meals that you want to add an extra bit of tasty spice to.

For example, if your Thai curry is lacking a bit of heat then using Super Chili Pepper is certainly the way to go. It will add an extra kick to your curry which will ensure all who eat it won’t ever forget it.

Why Trying Super Chili Peppers Is Worth It

Because of their ranking on the Scoville Heat Unit, many cooks don’t bother to use Super Chili Peppers because they believe that they will be too hot for their dish and simply end up taking away from it. This isn’t the case.

In fact, they often add to dishes that are not strong enough or don’t give off the right amount of heat that a good curry or a good spicy dish should.

Used in the right amount, the Super Chili Pepper can enliven your dish and make sure whoever is eating it wants more. So set aside your prejudices and give the Super Chili Pepper a go today.

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