Everything About Jwala Finger Hot Chili Peppers

Jwala Finger Hot Chili Peppers originally come from the Gujarat region of India. This vegetable is the most popular chili in India because of the spice and flavor it brings to any dish it is included in.

Jwala means an intense flame in Sanskrit, an ancient Indo-European language from India that the Hindu scriptures are written in. This pepper packs a punch and lives up to its flame related name.

Jwala Finger Hot Chili Peppers: Everything About Them

This type of pepper ranks at 20,000 to 30,000 heat units on the Scoville heat chart. If you are more reliant on taste than the heat scale, for reference It is in between a spicier serrano and a mild cayenne, or three times spicier than a jalapeno.

You can easily grow a plant for this pepper in pots or in a garden. They are very productive plants and can grow up to dozens of peppers depending on the plant’s maturation stage.


These peppers are a light green color when starting out and once they begin to ripen they begin to turn a red color. Similar to other chili peppers they become spicier during the ripening process.

They resemble a slightly curved finger once they are fully grown due to the pepper’s wrinkled skin and curve at the end. The frame of this pepper is petite and the walls are thin.


Jwala finger hot chili peppers can be used fresh, dried, or in powder form. When eaten it is said to be a medium level of heat. Jwala Finger Hot Chili Peppers have a fruity taste, similar to that of an apple, a spicy apple at that.

Add this ingredient to any curry dish to give it an extra bit of spice as well as a boost to the dish’s flavor.

If you are a fan of Indian cuisine then this pepper should be on your shopping list. You can buy Jwala Finger Hot Chili Peppers in well stocked stores, Asian specialty stores, or Indian specialty stores. Alternatively, you can buy plants and grow your own peppers from the comfort of your home.

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