Everything You Need To Know About New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers

This chili certainly knows how to bring a fiery kick to any dish. It’s commonly added to many dishes including Chiles Rellenos, thanks to their incredible size.

This isn’t all there is to the New Mex Big Jim Chili Pepper, however. It has an immensely interesting history and taste that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Strap in, because we’re going to find out about one of the best chilis on Earth!

Everything You Need To Know About New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers

Where Do New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers Come From?

New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers originated in New Mexico, specifically, on the campus of New Mexico State University. It was bred as a cross between the already popular local chilis of the area, and the Peruvian chili pepper.

It was first developed in 1970, and quickly became a very popular extra element to add to any dish.

Many people favor it for its immense size, and the interesting flavor that it has. The chili is so big, in fact, that it even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records!

What Varieties Of New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers Are There?

New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers generally take on two distinct forms. One is a green chili, while the other is a more saturated red chili. Generally, the green chilis are favored the best, but the red peppers are still full of flavor.

These chilies both have large walls that are full of flesh, which makes them very moreish to eat, as there’s a lot to them. This also makes them great as an additional ingredient in many dishes, as they are packed to the brim with flavor.

How Hot Is The New Mex Big Jim Chili Pepper?

On the Scoville scale, the New Mex Big Jim Chili Pepper usually stands between 500 and 3,000. This puts it towards the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to spice, but it is still able to create a great mouth-tingling spice when added to a dish.

This also makes these chilis very accessible, as even those who don’t like intense spices can enjoy the great flavors of the chili. Most people tend to choose New Mex chilis because of their size and the interesting flavors. Speaking of flavors…

How Do New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers Taste?

Whenever people try out New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers, they usually describe the taste profile as being rather sweet.

This sweet taste is usually most prominent when the chili is green in color, which is when it is at its most ripe.

To Wrap Up

New Mex Big Jim Chili Peppers make for an amazing flavor experience that is still able to remain enjoyable despite the slight spice. Even people who are wary of spicy foods won’t be able to resist the sweet and juicy flavor of these chilies.

The large size of these chilis also makes them incredibly impressive to look at and makes them perfect for feeding lots of hungry people craving their wonderful flavors.

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