Hot Ones Hot Sauce Subscription Box Review

Hot Ones Hot Sauce Subscription Box Review Hot sauce has seen an explosion in popularity over recent years, and this is due in no small part to the now notorious Hot One’s show on Youtube. This show could be compared to other interview-based shows, where celebrities are given the chance to talk about upcoming projects and grilled by interviewers for some embarrassing anecdotes or exclusive factoids.

However, Hot Ones delivers this format with a spicy twist, interviewing guests while simultaneously encouraging them to eat some of the hottest sauces available anywhere in the world. 

The beauty of this simple and effective format is that it totally puts guests on the backfoot and makes for a very informal interview that has guests disarmed both by the increasingly spicy sauce and Sean Evan’s superb interview skills.

The success of the show has seen a loyal fanbase of hot sauce lovers gather under the Hot One’s banner to discuss hot sauce and the ever-changing roster of sauces used on the show has led to much anticipation and excitement at the start of each new season.

This success has also led Hot Ones to release their own line of hot sauces inspired by the show and some of the most devilishly hot and tasty sauces they’ve taken inspiration from.

The Subscription Box is a great way for sauce lovers or fans of the show to get access to some of the best hot sauces in the world, as they’ve been eaten by Sean and his many famous and prestigious guests. 

The subscription includes an ever-changing selection of sauces that ensures you’ll never lack heat or flavor ever again, and it’s honestly a must-have for fans of the show or those committed hot heads who love finding new and unique sauces to try and experiment with. 

What’s included in the subscription?

The subscription itself includes a surprising abundance of sauce that will challenge even the greediest spice fiend. Every month three bottles of hot sauce are included in the package along with an information sheet that gives a rundown of each sauce and a message from the founder of the Heatonist team which adds a nice personal touch.

Each package also includes a unique sticker created by Hot Ones, and they’re honestly pretty cool if you’re someone who likes adding a bit of personality to your space or spreading the good word about Hot Ones!

The bottles of sauce themselves change every month and are typically 5oz in size, which is honestly a pretty good size when you consider the fact there are 3 bottles in each package. There’s enough that you can really enjoy the sauce but it also prevents you from getting overwhelmed by one sauce in particular.

The sauces are usually taken from the current array of sauces used on the actual Hot One’s show, however, packages quite frequently include exclusive previews and tasters for new sauces that aren’t available either on the show or to the general public. This can give true fans a sneak peek into what guests have in store for them, and get access to flavors that very few people in the world will have access to. 

Some of the sauces included are made by the Heatonist/Hot One’s team themselves, such as the now-infamous Hot Ones Last Dab, the final sauce consumed during the show itself. However not all of the sauces are made by Hot Ones themselves, and some of the best sauces from around the world are used and included in this subscription at different times meaning you’ll never lack a variety of exceptional and unique flavors to use on your own wings.

Pricing and value?

The cost of the subscription itself is $30 dollars per month, with shipping being an additional $6 charge per box in the US. The shipping cost can change depending on where you’re ordering from or getting the package delivered to, so always check this if you’re ordering from somewhere further afield. 

While $30 may sound like a lot on first hearing it, this is actually a pretty good value when you consider that this adds up to around $12 per bottle of sauce. Adding to this is the fact that these sauces are some of the best sauces in the world, curated and made by some of the most knowledgeable pepper aficionados in the world.

The sauces are almost all gourmet quality, no sauce available in your local store will compare to one of the sauces included in this subscription. The exclusive peeks into future sauces and the additional Hot Ones stickers also add a little extra value for fans of the show.

Buying these sauces individually on the Heatonist website will quite often work out far more expensive than using the subscription, so this deal actually provides a very competitive deal for some of the best hot sauces currently available.

Referrals, discounts, and rewards schemes?

Hot Ones do have a rewards scheme to give a little something back to their regular patrons. If you have an account with them, you earn reward points based on your purchases and are broadly accumulated as 1 reward point per $1 dollar spent. There are also rewards for new purchases and for having an existing subscription.

For example, if you have a monthly subscription that costs $30 dollars, you will earn 30 points in the reward scheme which equates to $3. These points will accumulate quite quickly over the course of a few months and can be used on other purchases on the Heatonist website, whether it be sauces or other products available there.

There is also a referral scheme, which gives you 100 points ($10) for each friend you refer who makes a $40+ purchase on their first order. This means you get rewarded for bringing the warm glow of hot sauce to your friend’s lives!

Pausing your subscription?

Being able to pause your subscription is quite important to give customers flexibility and convenience without losing their custom altogether. This is especially important for this subscription in particular because 3 bottles of hot sauce is a pretty substantial amount of sauce for even the most seasoned spicetronaut.

It’s very simple and easy to alter your subscription and to skip a particular month before the package has actually been shipped. This is great because if you’ve got a lot of sauces to consume or aren’t interested in the current month’s sauces you can simply skip and wait for the next month.

All you need to do to skip a month is simply enter your account, find the subscription settings and delivery schedule, then click the skip button to avoid getting charged for a month. The service will then resume as normal the following month.

Where do Hot One’s ship?

The current shipping locations include the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This means that unfortunately, you may not be able to get this subscription just yet, which may disappoint UK or European fans. However, there is a silver lining, as you can ship individual bottles of sauce worldwide. This is a little pricey and doesn’t come with the additional extra’s the subscription package does but at least fans can get their hands on some of the sauces if they are desperate to try them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Hot Ones or hot sauce in general, there’s no better way to support the show and get access to some of the best hot sauces in the world. It’s a great value and the exclusives are nice, making it well worth the money.