Lingham’s Hot Sauce Review

When it comes to hot sauce preferences, many different people enjoy different things about the popular condiment. While some people love a hot sauce that can burn their tongues and make their eyes water, others prefer their hot sauce to pack more flavor than unrelenting heat.

And there are even people who prefer their hot sauce to be on the sweet side - and if you are one of those people then Lingham’s hot sauce is the stuff for you!

But don’t just take our word for it! Down below we have written an in-depth review that covers everything you need to know about this delicious and aromatic hot sauce.

So if you think this is the sauce that will tickle your tastebuds, then why not read our review to find out?



  • Heat: Mild and sweet
  • Flavor: Chilli kick with a sweet aftertaste
  • Aroma: Sweet and pungent
  • Look: Dark red color and ketchup-like consistency
  • Label: Vintage label with simple design
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Where Does Lingham’s Hot Sauce Come From?

Lingham’s hot sauce has a long and storied history - with the hot sauce being able to trace its origins back to 1908. It was during this fateful year that the original Lingham’s recipe was first created, among the islands of the Malay Peninsula.

Using simple ingredients, the hot sauce was created with the sole purpose of assuaging the Edwardian people’s fascination with all things hot and spicy.

Over the ensuing century, Lingham’s has become a staple of many households around the world. Lingham’s is favored for its sweet flavor and its versatile nature, which makes it a hot sauce that can be enjoyed with almost every type of meal.

Currently, the company sells their original recipe in over 20 countries, with the sauce remaining a particular favorite in the United Kingdom, Europe and parts of Asia.

Lingham’s Hot Sauce Review

What Ingredients Are In Lingham’s Hot Sauce?

Lingham’s hot sauce is made using a traditional and secret recipe that has been preserved by the Lingham company for over a hundred years. The four key ingredients used to make Lingham’s hot sauce are red chilli peppers, sugar, vinegar and salt.

Although the recipe for Lingham’s hot sauce may sound small and insubstantial, this doesn’t mean the sauce is not capable of packing plenty of flavor and heat when consumed.

By combining juicy red chilli peppers with sugar, the Lingham’s company has created a sauce that delivers a strong kick before giving way to a sweet and syrupy aftertaste.

Like most hot sauces, Lingham’s uses vinegar to cut through the heat of the chilli peppers and the sweetness of the sugar, to create a pungent and even bitter note.

This all combines to create a layered and flavorful sauce that takes through varying stages of heat, sweetness and bitterness. And what good hot sauce would be complete without mixing these various elements?

What Does Lingham’s Hot Sauce Taste Like?

If we were to compare Lingham’s to another popular hot sauce on the market, then we would be in a difficult position.

For although Lingham’s classifies itself as a hot sauce, we would compare its flavor as bearing a great resemblance to more traditional Asian sauces such sweet chilli and sweet and sour.

The hot sauce itself is beautifully crafted, and when sampled on its own the sauce invites you to experience a myriad of different flavours and sensations.

When first tasting the sauce, your taste buds will be struck by the spicy kick of the chilli peppers, which give the heat a distinctly fruity burn. After you have experienced this, the heat will give away to a pungent sweetness that is controlled by a final note of bitterness.

The red chillies provide enough heat for the sauce for memorable but not distracting. When used as a condiment, the spice will blend well with your meal without robbing it of its original flavors.

We would argue that the sauce is sweeter than spicy, which gives it a delightful and even addictive quality when eaten.

Although the spice can build the more you eat the sauce, it will never reach a point of combustion. This means you can use a lot of the sauce on your meal and not come away with head sweats or a tongue gasping for a glass of milk.

What Can Lingham’s Hot Sauce Be Used For?

The answer to this question isn’t exactly a short one. Because Lingham’s hot sauce can be used on everything!

Not only is it a sweet and pungent hot sauce, but it is also a marinade, a dipping sauce and so much more! And Lingham’s understands just how versatile their hot sauce can be.

When purchasing a bottle of Lingham’s hot sauce, we recommend taking a look at the label for some handy recipe ideas. From marinated steak to classic fish and chips, this sauce can be used to add some heat to almost any traditional meal.

For this reason, we would argue that Lingham’s may just be the most useful hot sauce on the market, and one that should hold a place of prominence in every hot sauce loving kitchen.

Is Lingham’s Hot Sauce Worth It?

Short answer - yes! If the sweet and pungent flavor is not enough to warrant the price tag, then Lingham’s makes up for it with its usability and diversity.

Not only is Lingham’s hot sauce a versatile condiment that can be used on almost every dish, but it also packs a unique and delicious flavor that is perfect for sweet hot sauce lovers. 

Although this hot sauce may be lacking when it comes to nose-streaming heat, this doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by all hot sauce lovers.

When you begin using Lingham’s hot sauce to experiment in the kitchen, then you’ll never want to be without a bottle again. That’s why we would suggest buying at least two bottles, just in case you run out too quickly.

The hot sauce also comes in a stylish and exotic-looking bottle that can look particularly attractive when placed on a shelf in your kitchen nook. So if you want a hot sauce that is sweet, hot and perfect cooking, we would always recommend Ligham’s.