Peppadew® Peppers: Everything You Need To Know!

Just like its totally sweet name suggests, the Peppadew pepper is a uniquely sweet pepper that has been pickled for flavor and is suitable for almost all kinds of palettes. Keep reading to learn more about this sweet pepper from South Africa!

Peppadew® Peppers Everything You Need To Know

What Is The Peppadew Pepper?

Unlike other types of pepper varieties out there, the Peppadew pepper actually relates to a pepper brand named (you guessed it) Peppadew, that is based in the Limpopo area of South Africa.

Putting a unique and playful spin on regular peppers, Peppadew peppers are pickled and sweetened – which makes them a perfect option for snacking, not to mention making a delicious side to a variety of different dishes.

Wondering how the Peppadew brand came about? Well, as the old story goes, it is said that sometime in the 1990s, a South African farmer discovered a tiny little pepper and decided to start selling it.

Upon first tasting, the farmer described the unique pepper as having a distinctly peppery scent that was enhanced by a strong sweetness that overpowered the heat, describing the sweetness as being sweeter than morning dew.

From that moment onwards, the Peppadew brand was born, and the peppers were an instant success (particularly in South Africa) and became a very popular topping across many different types of pizza.

Believe it or not, it is worth noting that all Peppadew peppers actually get made from a sweet piquante pepper, although in some instances a juanita pepper might be used.

Over the years, Peppadew peppers and the sweet piquante pepper have become almost synonymous, with many consumers preferring them interchangeably.

To follow, after the instant success of the Peppadew peppers, the Peppadew International company decided to trademark the name in order to ensure that no one else could do the same.

Initially, the company started out by simply selling Peppadew peppers, but has since gone on to increase its catalog to various other products, too.

Nevertheless, even though the company has grown leaps and bounds since its initial launch back in the 90s, the Peppadew pepper has remained its bestseller, even to this very day.

What Is The History Of The Peppadew Peppers?

As we have already touched upon above, the Peppadew pepper is a kind of sweet piquante pepper that was first discovered in the 1990s.

After a few years of careful planning and preparation, trademarked Peppadew peppers were launched onto the market, and became famous for their deliciously moreish balance of sweetness and heat.

Interestingly, even though piquante peppers are often used to create Peppadew peppers, many people actually believe that the peppers are a combination between pepper and tomato, simply due to the fact that Peppadew peppers have a cherry red color and round shape that resembles a garden tomato.

While this might not necessarily be the case, it does mean that Peppadew peppers make a delicious and appealing addition to various dishes.

As a side note, after the Peppadew company was established, the piquante pepper that was initially discovered were given plant breeder;s rights throughout South Africa to ensure that this variety of piquante pepper would remain protected.

What Is The History Of The Peppadew Peppers

What Type Of Pepper Is The Peppadew?

Seeing as “Peppadew” merely refers to the brand name and not the actual variety of pepper used, it is important to note that the peppers used by the brand are a specific type of piquante pepper that is known in South Africa as the Juanita pepper.

However, in order to create the deliciously sweet and hot Peppadew pepper that we have all come to know and love, the Juanita peppers need to be pickled, as this is what lends them their distinctive and completely unique flavor profile and taste.

Is The Peppadew Pepper Hot?

Even though the Peppadew pepper has a little bit of a kick, it is extremely mild in comparison to other types of popular snacking peppers, such as jalapenos which have a Scoville scale rating of around 5000.

So much so, that officially, the Peppadew pepper measures in at a Scoville scale rating of just 1177 – which is especially mild.

What Does The Peppadew Pepper Taste Like?

During the pickling process, the piquante peppers that are used will be given an additional dose of sugar in order to sweeten them up.

This sugar will usually be added to the pickled water/brine that the peppers are kept inside, and helps to ensure that the peppers will retain a hint of sweetness when they are consumed.

Thanks to this, it means that the Peppadew pepper is delicious with a variety of different foods and flavors, including salads, sandwiches, cream cheese bagels, and even mixed into a yummy cheese pasta!

Are There Any Peppadew Alternatives?

If you’re interested in trying out an alternative, then we recommend opting for either pimentos or pickled cherry peppers, as these two types of peppers have a very similar flavor profile and taste to Peppadew peppers.

As a side note, if you want to ensure that your substitute peppers taste just as sweet, add a sprinkling of sugar over them, or even drizzle a tiny bit of honey over the top of them! But, if you don’t want to run out of your Peppadew peppers, you can get them right here.

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