Truff Hot Sauce Review

If you’re a hot sauce lover, then you will know how important it is to purchase a hot sauce that tastes good. While the heat provided is important, the last thing you want to happen is to purchase a hot sauce that’s all heat and no flavor. 

In recent years, it is likely that you have heard of Truff Hot Sauce. However, when it comes to its price, it’s not the cheapest hot sauce available. As a result, if it is a sauce you have not tried before, you may be reluctant.

However, we have purchased and reviewed this sauce to provide you with the low down on it. In this article we have discussed the taste of the sauce, its heat levels, and whether it is worth purchasing. 


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The flavor of Truff Hot Sauce is great. It is unique and not too overpowering. It is certainly unique, and different to other sauces we have tried in the past.

When it comes to Truff Hot Sauce, the flavor is not going to be for everyone, it is distinctive, and you can really taste the truffle coming through. If you are a fan of truffle oil and hot sauce like we are, then you will likely enjoy it.

However, we do understand that this is a required taste. What is great about this sauce is that the chili provides a nice kick at the end of the truffle flavor.

If you are looking for a hot sauce that is particularly hot, then this is not the best choice, but if you are looking for something slightly more upmarket, and different in flavor, you should definitely consider Truff. Given its unique flavor, it is a sauce that will grow on you the more you taste it.

How To Use Truff Hot Sauce

As this is quite a powerful sauce, we would recommend adding it to dishes, rather than serving it with nachos. While you can do this, it adds fantastic flavor to curries, and pasta dishes.

It is also great when mixed in with taco meat too. You could even add it to your tomato pizza base for an extra tasty treat. Ingredients 

The ingredients list is fairly straightforward, and it does not contain anything you will want to avoid. There is glycerin to help the sauce remain stable, and there is also coloring to help enhance the flavor.

The other ingredients include - black truffle essence, red chili peppers, organic sugar, garlic, agave nectar, and olive oil.

From looking at the ingredients it will come as no surprise that this is a sauce that is quite sweet. While many hot sauces are not sweet, this does balance out the chili and truffle flavors well. 

Heat Levels

As Truff have not released the types of peppers used in this hot sauce, it is difficult to provide you with an accurate heat level. However, we would say the heat levels are fairly average.

While you can definitely feel the heat, it isn’t overpowering. This is partly due to the amount of truffle oil that is featured in the sauce as this balances out the heat levels.

On the whole, this is not a sauce you would reach for if you want serious heat. However, it will still leave your month tingling, and it would be hot for those not used to spice.


The consistency of Truff Hot Sauce is great. There is no presence of any chopped chilies, and it is smooth. It reminded us of a tomato based sauce based on its consistency texture.

While it is a pourable sauce, it is slightly thicker overall. You could almost describe the texture as slightly creamy, but in the best possible way.


One of our favorite things about sauce is its packaging. It is sleek, modern, and up market. 

Given that this sauce is slightly more expensive, it does have a luxurious feel to it, which is a great addition. While the packaging is simple, it works well.

Where To Purchase Truff Hot Sauce

As we have already covered in this article, this is a fairly expensive sauce, which is due to the ingredients it features. However, it is certainly worth tasting, and once you have tried it, you will not be disappointed.

It can be purchased in 6 ounce bottles which is a reasonable size. If you are interested in purchasing this item, it is available on Amazon here

It can also be purchased in a pack of three, which includes the Truff Hotter, and Truff White Hot Sauce.

Truff Hot Sauce History

As its name suggests, Truff is a hot sauce that features truffle oil. When it comes to flavors, this is what makes this sauce stand out from its competitors.

As truffle oil is notoriously quite expensive to purchase and use, this is why this hot sauce is slightly more expensive in comparison to some of its competitors.

While Truff have only been operating since 2018, in the last 3 years, they have taken the hot sauce world by storm.

By providing a more upmarket hot sauce they are appealing to a wider audience, and have found a niche within the market.

Truff Hot Sauce Review

Is Truff Hot Sauce Worth Purchasing?

On the whole, we think that Truff Hot Sauce is worth purchasing. While it is a more expensive sauce, it is certainly worth it. The ingredients are fantastic. 

The balance of truffle oil with the heat is fantastic, and it is a great sauce to add to tomato dishes. However, truffle oil is an acquired taste. Given this, if you are not a fan of its taste, it is unlikely that you will enjoy this hot sauce. 

In addition to this, if you are looking for a sauce that is seriously spicy, this is not the best option. While it does have a good amount of heat, it is not too overpowering, which is something we appreciated. The packaging is great, and we enjoyed this hot sauce.