Where to Buy Carolina Reapers and Other Peppers?

When it comes to peppers, we are big fans here! Whether it's a mild pepper or the legendary Carolina Reaper, we love them! And we love growing them ourselves. Whether it’s growing them from seeds or having a plant delivered to our door, we love all kinds of peppers. 

But knowing where to buy Carolina Reapers and other peppers can be tricky. Whether you are buying seeds, the plant, or the peppers themselves, finding fresh and tasty ones isn’t easy and often leaves us feeling overwhelmed or defeated. 

Well, no more! We are here to save the day! We have taken the time, done the research, eaten the peppers, and found the best places to buy your peppers! Just keep reading to find your new pepper supplier today!

Where to buy Peppers: 

Garden Shops or Farm Shops 

Heading into your local garden shop or farm shop for your Carolina Reaper’s is often a successful venture! You can pick up nurseries early in the season and grow them at home without worrying about any shipping costs. 

There can also be some interesting varieties or varieties that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You will also support a small and independent business, giving back to your local community. Farm stands and chili festivals in the fall are the best for those seeking Carolina Reapers. 

If your local store doesn’t stock any hot peppers, it's always worth asking. They are bound to know someone that is nearby! Social media is also an excellent tool here to find new sellers in your local area. 

Bohica Pepper Hut

Jason Tate over at Bohica Pepper Hut has over 250 varieties of peppers growing in their garden. Those in the US  can get these fresh Carolina Reapers shipped to your door; no need to even put your shoes on! 

If you want to get your hands on these peppers, you will need to act quickly! Tate’s peppers tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to check his website regularly, especially in the summer months when peppers are in season. Those lucky to get your hands on these peppers will not be sorry; they are so fresh and tasty. 

There is even a subscription box you can have for those chili lovers in the room! Why not support a locally owned business and enjoy some tasty peppers today?

PepperWorld Hot Shop

UK pepper lovers in the room? Check out the PepperWorld Hot Shop! They ship across Europe, too, offering fresh and delicious chiles delivered to your door! As well as chilies, they also sell a fantastic variety of gourmet food and sauces. 

Their hot sauce, BBQ supplies, and spices are among the most popular with their customers. Their prices are fairly competitive, and those who order from them regularly praise their consistent and reliable service. 

They aren’t currently shipping to the US, but hopefully, that will change in the near future!

Ghost Pepper Store

While their name would suggest they only sell ghost peppers, you will be surprised by the variety stocked on this online store! Their tagline says it all, “we sell the hottest peppers this side of hell!” These are not peppers for the faint-hearted, but if it’s the spice you crave, Ghost Pepper Store can satisfy your craving!

Unlike other sites, they don’t sell live plants, but there are still plenty of options for you to choose from! You can choose from fresh peppers, pepper powders, and pepper seeds to satisfy your pepper cravings! The fresh peppers always arrive and taste fresh too, making them worth the price!

Chile Plants

After some hot pepper plants, fresh pepper plants, or both? Then give Chile Plants a whirl! This wife and husband duo have been in the pepper plant business since the eighties, and their expertise shows! 

They offer such a wide selection it can be hard and even a little overwhelming to know which pepper plant to choose! You will find yourself leaving with more pepper plants than you intended to purchase! 

For those after Carolina Reapers, you will need fast fingers! It's best to check the website early as these can sell out quickly. But don’t let that dishearten you; they have lots of different pepper plants for you to choose from that still pack a fantastic punch and deliver spice straight to your mouth. 


We bet you did a double-take then when you saw Etsy on a pepper list, didn’t you? But you would be pleasantly surprised at the range of delicious peppers that you can pick up on Etsy! 

It’s a fantastic site to check out if you are after live pepper plants! You can see pictures of each plant, check out buyer’s reviews, and see their photos too! We recommend checking out Etsy if you are wary of buying peppers online, as it provides plenty of information, and customer support can intervene should anything go wrong.

You can also find fresh peppers and seeds on Etsy that are delicious and arrive fresh! You can find Carolina Reaper plants and other hot peppers, too, that are sure to spice up your meals! 

Final word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our pepper chat today. As you can see, when it comes to purchasing Carolina Reapers and other types of peppers, you have plenty of options aside from your grocery store. 

No matter where you pick up your peppers from, you can expect speedy service and fresh peppers that taste fantastic with every mouthful! Whether you want to test your spice tolerance with a Carolina Reaper or try out some new peppers, there is sure to be one for you!